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Colin Flaherty: “Racial Inflamer” or Bold Truth Teller?

Jack Kerwick, My colleague, a white man of the left, sympathizes with Black Lives Matter and could typically be counted upon to presume the guilt of police officers in those highly publicized instances of alleged “police brutality” like, say, those involving Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray, cases that BLM has exploited. In the

Walter E. Williams: A Constitutional Right to Literacy

Detroit school students, represented by the Los Angeles-based public interest firm Public Counsel, filed suit last month against the state of Michigan, claiming a legal right to literacy based on the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Ninety-three percent of Detroit’s predominantly black public school eighth-graders are not proficient in reading, and 96 percent are not

Progressive Racism: A History of Racial Truth, Dare and Deception

Colin Flaherty, FPM   David Horowitz’s new book sets the record straight on the Left’s politics of destruction.   Below is Colin Flaherty’s review of David Horowitz’s new book, “Progressive Racism,” which is volume 6 of The Black Book of the American Left, a multi-volume collection of David Horowitz’s conservative writings that will, when completed,

Ebony Magazine and Black Violence


By Colin Flaherty White liberals may deny black mob violence but many black people are way past that: Today, its all about white racism. Ebony magazine’s latest issue is a good example of that. Ebony is upset that some are trying to score political points from the recent shooting of 13 people on a Chicago