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Will Chuck Schumer become Senator ‘No’ and wipe out his party’s future?

Newt Gingrich,  I’m amazed by the continuing stream of negativity Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has been communicating to the American people. Schumer asserted on CNN “The only way we’re going to work with him [Donald Trump] is if he moves completely in our direction and abandons his Republican colleagues.” He further warned on

Bigger Crash Coming: “Scale of the Final Stage of Collapse Will Be Truly Unprecedented”

Brandon Smith, Editor’s Comment: The system is taking advantage of the public’s naivety, and its false hope in the latest stock bubbles. The truth is that the underlying factors are tipping towards disaster; the real economy is grinding to a halt, and no amount of good news about returning jobs and production can turn

Alt-Left Insanity: National Tantrum Spreads

Dan Gainor, Note: Normal people might find some of this offensive. (We hope. Dear Lord, please!) Call it a big-league freakout (in tribute to our new P-eOTUS). Or maybe mass insanity. I prefer to call it the National Tantrum. It’s hard to tell which group has lost its grip on reality more – liberal activists

Liberal Bias: Reuters Pulls Polls Showing Huge Trump Surge

Kit Daniels, Polls disappear showing major Hillary collapse among likely voters on election day. Reuters has apparently pulled down two polls showing Hillary Clinton’s unprecedented collapse among likely voters right before election day as Donald Trump surges. This article was intended to report on the Nov. 7 Reuters poll, showing Clinton losing nearly five points

Saving America from economic, cultural and physical collapse

Kenneth S. Abramowitz, Earlier this year Ahmad Rahami, a naturalized American from Afghanistan, allegedly detonated several bombs in New York and New Jersey. Luckily, these attacks only wounded 31 people. This is but one example of the reality that America is fighting for its life, but most do not understand the gravity of the challenges

Democratic Socialism Is Still Socialism

Some people are under the impression that democratic socialism is a better version of socialism because the word democratic makes them think that as long as it’s a democracy, socialism will work just fine. Problem is, reality says otherwise. Comedian and political commentator Steven Crowder sets the record straight on the evils of democratic socialism

The Medical Cover-Up Surrounding Hillary Clinton

Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media The media are returning to their protective mode regarding Hillary Clinton, after pretending to raise questions about her health. But very few questions have been answered. Here are some that still linger: Clinton and her media entourage have claimed in the past that her coughing fits were caused by

See biased media in action look at the absurdity of the Clinton collapse coverage

Michael Goodwin, It is said that history turns on small hinges, and now maybe the presidential race does, too. For hinges don’t get much smaller than the 20-second video of Hillary Clinton collapsing and being lifted into her security ­vehicle. Without it, Americans would still be clueless about Clinton’s serious health issues. Because of it,