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US says Colombia’s coca production surges to record levels

PUERTO BELLO, Colombia –  Coca production in Colombia has surged to levels unseen in two decades of U.S. eradication efforts, according to a White House report released Tuesday. Cultivation of the plant used to make cocaine rose 18 percent last year from 2015, with officials in the Andean nation estimating 188,000 hectares (465,000 acres) of Colombian

Commuter-in-Chief Orders One Last Jailbreak

Brendan Kirby, President to release drug kingpin who paid voodoo priestess to hex federal agents. Already well into record territory, President Obama used his last full day in office Thursday to open the prison gates one last time. Obama commuted the sentences of 330 more inmates, bringing his combined tally to 1,715. That is more

Trump Nixes Pet Projects of Liberal and Conservative Elites

Michael Barone, It’s been a tough year for political elites, here and around the world, what with the passage of Brexit in June in Britain, the repudiation of Colombia’s Nobel Peace Prize recipient in the October FARC referendum and the defeat of America’s Nobel Peace Prize recipient’s preferred candidate in the November presidential election. Not

As Socialism Shattered Venezuela, The Useful Idiots Applauded

Jeff Jacoby, When the Cold War ended 25 years ago, the Soviet Union vanished into the ash heap of history. That left the West’s “useful idiots” — Lenin’s term for the ideologues and toadies who could always be relied on to justify or praise whatever Moscow did — in search of other socialist thugs to

Plane carrying Brazilian soccer team crashes in Colombia, killing at least 76 people

Authorities in Colombia said Tuesday that 76 of the 81 passengers aboard a plane carrying a Brazilian soccer team were killed when the aircraft crashed while on its way to the finals of a regional tournament. The chartered British Aerospace 146 short-haul plane, operated by LaMia, declared an emergency at 10 p.m. Monday because of

Plane carrying members of Brazilian soccer team crashes in Colombia

Colombia –  A chartered aircraft carrying a Brazilian soccer team to Colombia for a regional tournament final has crashed on its way to Medellin’s international airport, officials said Tuesday. Medellin’s Mayor Federico Gutierrez said Tuesday that it is possible there are survivors. “It’s a tragedy of huge proportions,” Gutierrez told Blu Radio on his way

Trump to Pressure Foreign Leaders to Probe Clinton Foundation

Kit Daniels, Clinton Foundation much larger scandal than Emailgate. The Trump administration will encourage foreign governments to investigate the Clinton Foundation as world leaders begin cutting off money flowing into the Clintons’ coffers in exchange for political favors. This is a power move by Donald Trump; it’s almost certain the Clinton Foundation is a much

Released Emails Expose Hillary Plot To Betray Labor (Again) And Pass Job-killing TPP

FROM: Curtis Ellis, Senior Advisor; Peter Navarro, Economic AdvisorTO: Interested Parties   Hillary Clinton told a member of Congress she would turn her back on union members and support the Trans Pacific Partnership once she is elected, according to the latest emails released by Wikileaks. A Clinton campaign memo reveals that Hillary Clinton told Rep. Eddie

If the FARC deal passes, kiss Colombia goodbye

Fergus Hodgson,  Talk of non-interventionism from the Venezuelan regime belies an eagerness to expand influence beyond their borders. For many years, they have had their eyes on Colombia; now the so-called Peace Agreement will open the door for 21st-century socialism, perhaps irreversibly. The lengthy negotiation with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) proceeded under the protection

Trump: Auto Industry Jobs Gone if Hillary Wins

Brendan Kirby,  GOP nominee says Clinton flip-flop on Korean deal proof she’ll back TPP. Campaigning in perhaps the most trade-impacted state in the country, Republican Donald Trump on Friday warned Michiganders that Hillary Clinton would abandon them on the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership just as she did on a Korean trade pact. Trump noted that Clinton, running

Hillary’s With Us┬ŽIf You Sell Out American Workers (Bad Trade Deals Edition)

The Clinton-Kaine Ticket Is Running To Keep Things Just The Way They Are, And That’s The Problem.  CLINTON HAS SUPPORTED GLOBAL TRADE DEALS THAT HAVE COST AMERICAN’S JOBS Trans-Pacific Partnership Clinton Played A Leading Role In Drafting The TPP, And Has Called It The “Gold Standard” As Secretary Of State, Clinton Took “A Leading Part

Secret Service stretched to limit amid heated campaign, say experts

The Bernie Sanders supporters were hatching an online plan to wage a protest inside a rally for Donald Trump when one cautioned that, even in the heat of a polarizing presidential campaign rife with overheated rhetoric, the government was watching. “The Secret Service will be monitoring Facebook and other social media,” the poster cautioned others