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GOP insiders: Trump nailed it

Steven Shepard, Most pan Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement speech as a selfish act.   CLEVELAND — Donald Trump’s acceptance speech hit the mark Thursday night, drawing accolades from a number of GOP political insiders who had doubted his competence to lead the Republican ticket this fall. That’s according to The POLITICO Caucus — a panel of

Voterless election: Error’s With Cruz’s Delegate Win in Colorado

The chairwoman of the Boulder County GOP has admitted that grave errors affected the Colorado Republican caucus, in which Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) won a clean sweep of 34 delegates without opening up the process to voting by everyday citizens. Breitbart News has obtained an email that Boulder County GOP chairwoman Peg Cage sent to other top

Donald Trump is right: The Republican nominating process is a scam

If Donald Trump arrives at the Republican National Convention with less than a majority of delegates bound to him, his message will be simple: I got way more votes than anyone else, and party insiders are conspiring against me to give the nomination to somebody else. This complaint will be true, it will be valid, and anti-Trump Republicans

Trump vows Mexico border wall will be built within two years

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Wednesday that his proposed wall across the U.S.-Mexico border would be completed within two years. “I would say it would be complete within two years from the time we start, we’ll start quickly,” Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity at a town hall in Pittsburgh, Pa. “We’ll start quickly,

Colorado Republicans Passed Around ┼ôResolution to Deny Trump Delegates┬Ł Back on March 22

Gateway Pundit,  The anti-Trump politicians were passing around a “Resolution to Forbid Colorado Delegates from Voting for Trump” for weeks before the convention. On Saturday Ted Cruz supporters took all 13 of the delegates up for grabs at the Colorado GOP Convention to complete a clean sweep of the state. But it was not without

Trump Campaign Considering Challenging Colorado Delegates

Donald Trump’s campaign says they are “of course” thinking about challenging the seating of the Colorado delegation at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland after several ballot irregularities and delegate number mix-ups at state meetings this weekend according to a report by ABC News. A senior Trump aide said in a text message the campaign

Trump Getting Outplayed: GOP front-runner faces obstacles in quest for delegates

Ashley Pratte, Even though the baseball season has just begun, “inside baseball” within state GOP conventions has been underway for months. So far, Sen. Ted Cruz is hitting home runs while Donald Trump is striking out. The Trump campaign is suffering major blows in the delegate hunt even after hiring a veteran convention manager and delegate

Republican Trump turns up volume: Cruz bought Colorado delegates

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s concerns about how delegates are allotted turned into a roar on Monday as he accused the campaign of rival Ted Cruz of buying votes after his weekend win in Colorado. The New York billionaire amassed a delegate lead by winning many state contests but Cruz has proven tenacious in pursuit

Ted Cruz has yet to win over fellow GOP senators #NeverCruz

Sen. Ted Cruz is increasingly winning over voters to his presidential bid. He’s still not winning over fellow Republican senators. The Texas Republican is notorious for alienating his colleagues with tactics including pushing a fruitless government shutdown in 2013 and accusing the Senate majority leader of lying. They’re now paying it back by refusing to