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I Made a Promise to The American People to Honor Scalia, Neil Gorsuch Fulfills That Promise

Katie Pavlich, Speaking from the East Room of the White House Tuesday, President Donald Trump officially nominated U.S. Circuit Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill late-Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court.  “When Justice [Antonin] Scalia passed away suddenly last February, I made a promise to the American people if I were elected President, I

Economists Want to Be Members of Donald Trump’s Team — Really

Economists aren’t shying away from joining Donald Trump’s administration and would be willing to pitch in if asked, according to former economic policy makers now in academia. “The president will be able to get any economist he asked for,” said Glenn Hubbard, who served President George W. Bush as chairman of his Council of Economic

New Netflix Movie “Barry” and Shocking Nude Photos Of Obama’s Mom?

Groundbreaking news you have to see to believe. Writer, Director Joel Gilbert exposes the hidden past of Barack Obama and his communist ties to his REAL father, Frank Marshall Davis. I’m speechless regarding what you’re about to see and hear…SPEECHLESS!!!!!  All I can say is watch… please comment after your mouth closes from the shock

Walter E. Williams: Trump and College Chaos

If one needed more evidence of the steep decay in academia, Donald Trump’s victory provided it. Let’s begin by examining the responses to his win, not only among our wet-behind-the-ears college students, many of whom act like kindergarteners, but also among college professors and administrators. The University of Michigan’s distressed students were provided with Play-Doh

The five essential reasons Hillary lost (no, she can’t blame Comey)

Bryan Wright, Last weekend, Sec. Hillary Clinton blamed her loss on FBI Director Comey, arguing that his late-breaking email investigation tanked her Presidential aspirations. Some of her supporters have gone so far as to claim a pro-Trump conspiracy throughout the Bureau. The past week has been difficult for my Democratic party. After all, it’s not

Trump Isn’t Just Conservative, He’s the Most Conservative Presidential Candidate Since Reagan

Wayne Allyn Root, It’s time to clear up misconceptions, deceptions and distortions by the #NeverTrump crowd. Of course Trump is a conservative. Actually on the most important issues of the day, he’s the most conservative GOP Presidential candidate since Reagan. Keep reading- I’ll prove it to you. I’m one of you. I’m a true-blue lifelong

Obamacore: Bad to the core

Betsy McCaughey In the past week, Govs. Nikki Haley of South Carolina and Mary Fallin of Oklahoma evicted Common Core from public schools, even at the risk of losing hundreds of millions of federal dollars promised to states adopting it. Haley and Fallin initially supported Common Core, but public outrage is forcing them to reverse

Thomas Sowell: Gary Becker (1930-2014)

 Nobel Prize-winning economist Gary Becker was internationally renowned within the economics profession, but was not nearly as well known among the general public as he deserved to be. More important, his path-breaking ideas, including his analysis of the economics of racial discrimination, deserved to be much more a part of the many discussions of that

CNN Liberals Bash Justice Clarence Thomas For His Shocking Statements About Race

by Doug Book  Liberal CNN commentators lashed out at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on Tuesday for stating that he received worse race-based treatment from New England liberals than from fellow Georgians during his youth in the 1960s. “The worst I have been treated was by northern liberal elites,” said the justice. “The absolute worst