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Coming Apart

Professor Rejects Marxism After Traveling The Globe: ˜Socialism Doesn’t Work’

The College Fix | Kate Hardiman “Academia has developed its own culture, a subset of the wider elite culture.” At least one professor in America does not feel the Bern. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Professor Jack Stauder says his political and ideological conversion away from socialism and Marxism occurred when he actually witnessed these systems in action.

Obama Holding Off on Airstrikes as Iraq Risks Coming Apart at the Seams

 The U.S. is struggling to help keep Iraq from coming apart at the seams, as the Obama administration signaled that airstrikes aren’t imminent. The war-torn country is dividing on sectarian lines less than three years after the departure of the last U.S. troops, and American diplomats are trying to pull together a political compromise to