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Congress and the urgent need to protect infant lives

Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Every year since 1973, pro-life advocates have come together in their communities all across the country, including here in our nation’s capital, to peacefully demonstrate and stand united in the effort to protect the sanctity of life. Friday’s March For Life will be especially meaningful and powerful after a painful year of

Shimkus: The Experience Needed To Helm Energy & Commerce

Andrew Langer, There is no more important time for steady, experienced leadership than when the nation sits at a crossroads and just about anything is possible.  We face just such a time right now—that when it comes to the ability to utilize free-market and limited-government philosophies to deal with the nation’s problems, we need someone

Planned Parenthood at 100: Growing the abortion business and lawlessness

David Daleiden,  On Planned Parenthood’s 100-year anniversary, October 15, tens of millions of Americans have now seen the shocking undercover video footage of the biggest abortion provider’s top-level leadership–medical directors, national program directors, even the Senior Director of Medical Services–callously negotiating the harvesting and sale of aborted fetal body parts. Even Planned Parenthood’s political allies recognize that

Ted Cruz Files for 2018 Texas Senate Run

Well, the junior U.S. Senator from Alberta, Canada, Calgary Ted Cruz, is swerving onto the only off-ramp left for him, filing for a 2018 re-election bid as a Senator from Texas. How can a natural-born Canadian file for a Senate run in Texas without providing any proof of U.S. citizenship? Well, that’s going to have

Democrats Rush To Get Ahead Of ‘September Surprise’

Matt Vespa,   With the latest news that 85% of the inconsistences with the enrollment process can’t be fixed, a dismal approval rating, and a disastrous rollout, no wonder why Senate Democrats are trying to shift the attention elsewhere. State health insurance rates for 2015 are being released later this fall. This has got Democrats on

How a Cyber Attack Differs from a Physical Attack

WeaponsMan Lockheed-Martin researchers have developed a method of analysis, which helps to analyze cyber attacks like the ones deployed by criminals against the US branch of the multinational Target department-store chain, and the ones by state actors against such targets as foreign enemies or competitors, breakaway republics, or destabilizing religious groups. Similar methods are used

Delphi told panel GM approved ignition switches below specifications

 General Motors Co approved ignition switches for cars that have been linked to 13 deaths, even though the parts did not appear to meet the company’s specifications, officials of Delphi Automotive told U.S. congressional investigators. In a memo released on Sunday by the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee, documents provided by GM and

Dingell leaving House after record career – Longest-serving congressman to retire

 The longest-serving congressman in history, Democratic Rep. John D. Dingell, is calling it quits, adding to the slate of senior retirements that have hit the House this year. Mr. Dingell is serving his 30th term, but plans to retire at the end of this session, and will make the announcement at a luncheon in Detroit Monday.