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Donald taps Conway as counselor to president #TeamTrump

Kellyanne Conway, the indefatigable campaign operative who became the face of Donald Trump’s successful presidential bid, has been named counselor to the president. Conway, who joined Trump’s team as campaign manager in August, announced earlier this week on Fox News she was moving from her New Jersey home to Washington, signaling a pending position in

Trump aides: Democrats’ complaints are sour grapes

Sour grapes. That’s how Donald Trump’s closest advisers see Democrats’ complaints that Moscow hacked their private emails this election season in a bid to sow discord among their supporters and sway the election toward Republicans. The pushback comes ahead of the Electoral College vote, which was expected to make official Trump’s election win and pave

Earpieces banned after Lauer’s disastrous presidential interviews

Lester Holt, Martha Raddatz, Anderson Cooper and Chris Wallace won’t have to worry about their bosses feeding them questions in their ears when they moderate the presidential debates in the coming weeks. The Commission on Presidential Debates sent out a message to news organizations Thursday banning moderators from wearing earpieces, Page Six has learned. Holt’s

How Donald Trump Can Take Down Both Hillary…and Obama

Wayne Allyn Root,  Hillary was President Obama’s secretary of state. They must have communicated often. Right? Didn’t Hillary ever talk to Obama over email or cell phone about classified or “Top Secret” business of the United States? They must have discussed national security issues, right? I’m betting yes. If so, the mainstream media isn’t discussing

Social Media Dangers with ZeroFOX CEO James Foster

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