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Life for our veterans (and our military) could be much different soon

Pete Hegseth, Today, on November 11, America pauses to thank our veterans for their service to our nation. The freedoms we enjoy in this country—which are the exception to the rule in human history—were literally purchased by men and women of all generations who have courageously worn the uniformed cloth of our country. We live

NFL Players’ 9/11 Protest Splits Veterans

Washington Examiner, The protests rankle some veterans, who see them as disrespectful of military sacrifices and the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks. Veterans groups are divided about the propriety of NFL players sitting during the national anthem when they take the field on the opening Sunday of the football season, which takes place on

Trump the Presumptive GOP nominee pledges to do right by police and veterans

Brendan Kirby, Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Monday delivered a speech in Virginia that was equal parts a defense of embattled police, a plan to improve treatment of veterans, and an indictment of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Billed as a major address on veterans issues, Trump tied his comments to his broader “America

Sen. John McCain, Pete Hegseth: It’s time for the real reform our veterans deserve

Sen. John McCain, Pete Hegseth As veterans of foreign wars, we have both witnessed firsthand the incredible bravery and sacrifice our warfighters have made in service to our American experiment – one of us during the Iraq War, the other a generation before in Vietnam.   These veterans, and millions of other brave men and

VA scandal, two years later: nothing much has changed, has it?

Ed Morrissey, Two years ago, the news that corruption at the Veterans Administration had resulting in veterans dying without care in order to bolster VA executive bonuses outraged the nation. For the first and only time in his administration, Barack Obama demanded the resignation of a Cabinet official, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, and pledged to