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20 Of The Best Quotes From Women On The Right

John Hawkins, 20) “It’s the usual Socialist fiscal math of 1 + 1 = You’re paying, so who cares.” – Rachel Marsden 19) “A noble leader willing to trounce liberties is a damned tyrant.” — Dr. Gina Loudon 18) “Silence is complicity. Speak now or surrender your ground.” — Michelle Malkin 17)  “When did atheists

The GOP establishment simply cannot win at the Cleveland convention #OnlyTrump

DamonLinker, Americans love a happy ending. It’s true of our movies, our religion, and our seemingly unshakable quasi-providential civic faith in historical progress. (Have you heard that the arc of history bends toward justice?) It’s also true of our politics. But for Republicans hoping for a happy ending to the 2016 presidential campaign —

The Top 7 Ways Liberals Are Making War on Women

John Hawkins, One of the weirdest accusations that liberals have made in the last few years is that there’s a conservative “war on women.” So apparently, women like Condi Rice, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch, S.E. Cupp and Nikki Haley are making war on themselves. Who knew? If anybody is “waging a war on