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Hillary Clinton’s move to the far Left

Dr. Paul Kengor  A few years back I wrote a book on the faith of Hillary Clinton. To this day it jolts liberals and conservatives alike that I, Mr. Reagan Conservative, would have written God and Hillary Clinton: A Spiritual Life, especially on the heels of books on the faiths of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Conservatives were incredulous,

10 big Supreme Court cases awaiting decisions

 Last week, the Supreme Court heard its final arguments for the current term. So what big decisions can we expect between now and late June? So far in 2014, two big decisions already have come down from the nine Justices in cases about affirmative action and campaign financing.   In Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative

Why Contraceptives Are Important

John C. Goodman  In a free market, no one would ever purchase insurance coverage for contraceptives, any more than they would use health insurance to pay for seatbelts or airbags in automobiles. Because of their low cost almost everybody can afford contraceptives and if price is a deterrent they are available for free from local