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House Approves Bill to Let Internet Service Providers Sell Your Browsing History

John D. McKinnon | WSJ,  Rule had required telecommunications firms to get permission to market customers’ app, web-browsing history. House lawmakers on Tuesday voted to overturn an Obama-era privacy rule for broadband providers, buoying telecommunications firms but potentially muddying consumer-protection standards. The vote, largely along party lines, was 215 to 205. The rule, adopted by

Democrats’ Post-Election Temper-Tantrums Continue

Susan Stamper Brown, King Solomon once wrote in Proverbs 19:13 the most annoying sound on the planet was a nagging wife, but obviously, he’d never heard what leftists sound like after they lose elections. Trump Derangement Syndrome will be around for years to come folks, so it might be wise to invest in a good

You were fed ObamaCare lies, America. Here’s what must happen now

Sen. John McCain, As the old adage goes, “If you don’t change your direction, you’re likely to end up where you’re headed.” When it comes to health care in America, Democrats’ refusal to change course on ObamaCare – even as it crumbles across the country – will lead us to more skyrocketing costs and decreased

Hillary Clinton is Not Fit to run a LandFill

Republicans jumped on the report by the State Department watchdog accusing Hillary Clinton of flouting federal records rules and cybersecurity guidelines with her use of personal email while secretary of state, saying it showed she was in clear violation of the Federal Records Act and endangered national security. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said

Are the Two Political Parties About to Crack Up?

Michael Barone America’s two political parties seem to be coming apart.  That’s in contrast to the relatively stable competition of the last 20 years, when Democrats have won four of six presidential elections and Republicans won House majorities in eight of 10 congressional contests, always by less than landslide margins. The parties’ stands on issues

Buying Guns On Black Friday Becomes Tradition Under Obama


Breitbart – by AWR HAWKINS Although much of the gun control push under President Obama has failed to result in new laws, it has succeeded in creating a new tradition where shoppers scoop up guns on Black Friday so they can place them under the tree on Christmas Day. Consider the numbers: in 2008, ABC News reported 97,848

House Democrat On Obamacare “I Don’t Know How Obama F—-d This Up So Badly


For five years, congressional Democrats have sprung to his defense when Obama’s been in trouble. Now though, amid the dismal reality of Obamacare, Politico reports a familiar refrain from Democratic sources: Obama’s “if-you-like-it-you-can-keep-it” promise on insurance policies is his “Read my lips, no new taxes” moment — a reference to the broken promise that came to damage President George