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The Issa (and Blue State Republican) Dilemma Stand Right or Get Left

Arthur Schaper, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) faced the closest race of his career in 2016. I was not completely surprised. In 2013, one article polled public attitudes about the congressman, who had a net negative, just 43 percent. Issa’s standing with Republicans in general had wavered as well, since many people see him as more

Issa of Applegate: Battle of the Veterans

Kurt Schlichter,  The voters of California’s 49th Congressional District, which includes Camp Pendleton, have the rare opportunity to choose between two veterans. It’s a Real Clear Politics toss-up seat, and the Democrats are pouring in millions to try an unseat Congressman Darrell Issa as revenge for his uncompromising oversight of the Obama administration’s corruption. The

An Opportunity For Congressman Issa, House Oversight Committee

 As has been widely reported, my friend John Eastman stated yesterday that his Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence has successfully represented the National Organization for Marriage in its lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service for the illegal disclosure of the organization’s donor list.  That list was disclosed to an individual in Boston by the name of