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The American people need to end 20 years of misgovernment

Conrad Black, It is hard to believe that this clangorous campaign of defamations is in its last week. Of course, in the first year of Donald Trump’s largely self-financed campaign, which broke all records for the sale of silly T-shirts, hats, and badges, his pandering was sometimes outrageous, but it was brilliant. As Senator Marco

Campaigns Reduced to Cliches

Suzanne Fields, Every presidential campaign draws on familiar pop culture references to bring the candidates down to Earth. Critics use the references to illuminate the differences between voters of different generations. We the people search for analogues in art, music, theater and even anthropology to find the telling insight that animates observations and interpretations of

Here is Why Trump Can Still Win

Conrad Black via, The dust has settled since the conventions and Mrs. Clinton appears to have settled into a lead of three to seven points. This reflects the usual convention surge and a final flare-up of Trumpian foot-in-mouth disorder. It is far from a safe margin ten weeks from a presidential election, and even

The Inevitable Mr. Trump #TrumpTrain

Conrad Black, The Republican Party is very likely to nominate for president, for only the second time in its history, someone who has never sought election before, been a cabinet officer (like William Howard Taft, 1908 and 1912; and Herbert Hoover, 1928) or served in a senior combat position (like John C. Fremont, 1856; U.