Boehner Is Typical Of ‘Jackass’ GOP Leaders

Jeff Crouere,  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! This week at a Colorado fundraiser House Speaker John Boehner stunned donors when he referred to Texas Senator Ted Cruz as a “jackass.” During remarks at the event for Congressman Scott Tipton, Boehner said he was grateful that Cruz was often campaigning for President, which […]

If Trump’s Campaign Collapses, It’ll Be For One Of These 6 Reasons

John Hawkins,  I don’t know whom I will end up supporting next year, but I do like Donald Trump. I like his books. I like his personality. I appreciate all of the things he’s done right in this campaign. If you applied the old “Who would you like to have a beer with?” test that […]

Donald Trump Says He Wants to Raise Taxes on Himself

The billionaire Republican front-runner starts getting specific about economic policy proposals. Republican front-runner Donald Trump began to flesh out his economic vision for America, and it includes raising taxes on the wealthy.  Trump said during a Wednesday interview on Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect that he would like to change the tax code. “I would change […]

A Real Conservative Manifesto on Immigration

Helen Raleigh,  Will Rogers said, “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” Unfortunately, that’s not Jeb Bush‘s approach when it comes to the his recent controversial comments on “anchor babies.” Recent video shows that in order to get out the hole Donald Trump dug for him, Jeb said the term “anchor babies” was […]

Donald Trump Gets Shocking News… THIS Is What “Disqualifies Trump”

Frank Luntz, the famous public opinion guru often seen on Fox News with his real-time measurements of focus group reactions, recently sat down with a group of 29 past and current Donald Trump supporters — and what he found was shocking. After rolling tape of Trump from years past that showed his previous support for single-payer […]

Trump’s ready to deal, and a lot of uncompromising conservatives agree

“Read the Constitution,” former President Bill Clinton once told a Tea Party activist. “It might as well be called, ‘Let’s make a deal.’ ” The Constitution sets up an elaborate system of checks and balances and separation of powers. It virtually mandates that policymaking be done by deals, negotiation and compromise. Enter Donald Trump. “When […]

Roger Stone: ‘Ruling Elite Are Wetting Their Britches’ Over Trump

 Republican and Democratic party leaders are wracked with anxiety over the candidacies of their frontrunners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, GOP political consultant Roger Stone tells Newsmax TV. “The ruling elite are wetting their britches [over Trump]. The lobbyists can’t buy him off, they can’t bully him, they can’t boss him…. They’re going out of […]

Talented urban teacher says new national education laws won’t work

John Thompson’s teaching methods wouldn’t work for everyone. One day in a hallway at Marshall High School in Oklahoma City, he grabbed a student with a criminal record whom he had taught at a summer camp, pushed him against a wall and told him to go pee in a cup. This got the laugh from […]

Constitutional Analysis Is Not A Suicide Pact

Kurt Schlichter, Conservatives are allowed to disagree with each other, especially when the other conservatives are wrong. It’s good to debate. We’re not liberals – we do not have to move in utter lock-step, mouthing the same clichés and sharing the same disdain for America, decency and soap. Right now, the conservative community is fighting […]

Rubio says US competitiveness on the wane, at annual Americans for Prosperity summit

COLUMBUS, Ohio –  Republican presidential candidate and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio on Saturday told thousands of conservative activists that the United States‘ economic growth is lagging because other countries are doing better at what the U.S. set in motion but has abandoned. The first-term senator made his comments at the annual summit of Americans for […]

Are Republicans For Freedom Or White Identity Politics?

Ben Domenech, Now that we have had time to observe the Donald Trump phenomenon, there is enough evidence to make a clear assessment of what it represents. The rise of Trump is an epic expression of frustration with the American political system, and it is a natural outgrowth of frustrations with America’s changing demographics; the […]