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Examining conservative ‘support’ for Common Core

Dr. R.B.A. Di Muccio,   Most conservatives instinctively and correctly oppose Common Core. The issue becomes muddy when a few high-profile conservatives appear to be in favor of it. Such support provides a bottomless font ofschadenfreude for Common Core’s mostly liberal supporters and gives them an effective wedge issue. Therefore, examining conservative “support” for national Common Core standards might be […] Read More →

Saving California One – Republican – At A Time

Kurt Schlichter,  California is morphing into a warmer Detroit with beaches and pneumatic blondes, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Only liberalism could’ve taken the most beautiful, most hard-working, most entrepreneurial state in the union and turned it into a shabby province composed of deadbeat Oliver Twists holding up their bowls demanding more. […] Read More →

Left’s Pre-emptive Hits on Walker, Christie, & Perry

Matt Batzel,   Just this week, two seemingly unrelated events unfolded, but they actually reveal a new liberal tactic. The Hillary Clinton Front-Group, American Bridge, filed a bogus federal complaint against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and then a federal probe into New Jersey Governor Chris Christie found no evidence linking Christie to “Bridge-Gate.” Meanwhile, Texas Governor […] Read More →

Republicans rallying behind ‘religious liberty’

 Prospective Republican presidential candidates are expected to promote “religious liberty” at home and abroad at a gathering of religious conservatives, rebuking an unpopular President Barack Obama while skirting divisive social issues that have tripped up the GOP. The annual Values Voter Summit opens Friday in Washington with speeches from several potential presidential candidates, including Kentucky […] Read More →

Battles between self-understood “conservatives” can get ugly — real ugly

Defining Conservatism — Important more so than when the participants are “paleoconservatives” and “neoconservatives.”  Paleoconservatives denounce their neoconservative counterparts as impostors, left-leaning frauds who have illegitimately appropriated the label of “conservatism.” Paul Gottfried, for example, typically refers to “the two lefts,” by which he means those who openly acknowledge their commitment to “liberalism” and those — […] Read More →

America to Eric Holder: What Took You so Long?

Michael Schaus,   Seriously, it took him far too long. After six years of neglected justice, activist ideology, and selective enforcement of laws, Eric Holder is throwing in the towel. Wall Street, IRS-targeted conservative groups, and gun owners, are breathing a sigh of relief… In fact, the only demographic that seems to be worried about the […] Read More →

Palin says all eyes on Kansas in US Senate race

 Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin urged Kansas Republicans Thursday to unify behind U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts, alleging his independent opponent is trying to “snooker” voters in what has become a surprisingly close race. The 2008 vice presidential nominee donned an apron and flipped pancakes alongside the GOP incumbent, once considered a near lock for re-election […] Read More →

Conservative Perspectives on Immigration Reform

 In 2006, liberal documentarian Morgan Spurlock devoted a segment of his show 30 Days to the issue of conservatives and immigration reform. Spurlock chose as the protagonists of this one-hour episode, a family of seven people, some of whom were living in America illegally and some of whom were born in the US and were […] Read More →

Is the conservative press legitimate?

Jon Cassidy,  This article originally appeared on Texas House Speaker Joe Straus wants a committee of journalists to decide which reporters are “legitimate” so the Legislature can limit Capitol access to sufficiently apolitical reporters. Straus made his suggestion to Ross Ramsey, executive editor of the Texas Tribune, during a public interview at TribFest, the […] Read More →

Majority of Republicans think GOP isn’t doing a good job on spending, immigration…

Allahpundit,  …and gay marriage.  More Republicans than not are also dissatisfied with the party’s efforts on abortion, although disapproval in that case doesn’t quite reach majority levels. If you think this sort of restlessness is standard for political coalitions, compare the numbers on the same issues among Democrats. The party that elected Obama is a […] Read More →

Student bullies trump 1st amendment

David Limbaugh,  Well, the wild and crazy 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is at it again, this time ruling that in a conflict between bullies and the First Amendment, bullies win. The court let stand a previous ruling by a three-judge panel of the court that school officials of Live Oak High School can […] Read More →

There Is A Conservative Wave Coming In November

Kurt Schlichter,  When Barack Obama starts acting like a real American president and promises to destroy our country’s enemies instead of apologizing to them, you know he’s worried about the upcoming midterms. He should be. Conservatives are going to win them going away, and it’s going to be gloriously devastating to the progressive cause. Get […] Read More →