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There Is A Conservative Wave Coming In November

Kurt Schlichter,  When Barack Obama starts acting like a real American president and promises to destroy our country’s enemies instead of apologizing to them, you know he’s worried about the upcoming midterms. He should be. Conservatives are going to win them going away, and it’s going to be gloriously devastating to the progressive cause. Get […] Read More →

MORE TARGETING? Breitbart News says IRS targeted there company for audit

 The company that runs the conservative news site says the IRS has selected the network for an audit, in a move company executives suggest is politically motivated. Breitbart News Network, a California-based company which runs several conservative websites, says the IRS recently audited its 2012 financial information. “The Obama administration’s timing on this is […] Read More →

Q&A about court case involving Gov. Scott Walker

 The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is to hear arguments Tuesday to decide if prosecutors can eventually continue a “John Doe” investigation of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s dealings with conservative groups during recall elections in 2011 and 2012. A judge in May halted the investigation, saying prosecutors misinterpreted campaign finance law. Prosecutors are seeking […] Read More →

The 25 Most Influential People On The Right For 2014

John Hawkins Honorable Mentions: Sheldon Adelson, Roger Ailes, Brent Bozell, Ben Carson, Tucker Carlson, Todd Cefaratti, Chris Chocola, Jim DeMint, Jonathan Garthwaite, Trey Gowdy, Greg Gutfeld, Darrell Issa, Bobby Jindal, Matt Kibbe, Charles Krauthammer, Mike Lee, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Michelle Malkin, Alex Marlow, Jenny Beth Martin, Bill O’Reilly, Tony Perkins, Judson Phillips, Reince Priebus, Glenn […] Read More →

3rd party candidates could tip key Senate races

 A pizza deliveryman in North Carolina, a “libertarian cop” in Kentucky and an Alaska candidate — but not the one who was expected — hope to do what a Kansas businessman did this week: shake up Senate races as third-party candidates, an often-dismissed lot. Greg Orman isn’t a household name, but he’s getting attention now. […] Read More →

Are Liberals the Real Authoritarians?

 Conservatives are conservative because they’re authoritarian and resistant to new ideas. Everyone knows that, right? There’s a bunch of social-science research that even proves it. If only conservatives were more open and less dogmatically attached to their tribe and their traditions, the world would be a much better place. A lot of smart people endorse […] Read More →

Chatter indicates attack on Southern border; ‘it’s coming very soon,’ source says

Joe Saunders | Bizpac Review  Fort Bliss, the American Army post across the border from the crime-ridden Mexican city of Juarez, is on high alert against a potential terrorist attack through the Labor Day weekend — but the Obama administration won’t admit it. A Fort Bliss news release blandly describes the precautions, which include closing two […] Read More →

The Left’s Attempt to Institutionalize the Rewriting of US History

Ron Radosh,  A New Step Forward Through their “Long March Through the Existing Institutions”  Recently, a few conservative intellectuals have raised serious questions about the College Board’s effort to develop a new curriculum for the Advanced Placement history courses. Stanley Kurtz, at National Review Online, writes that “this Framework will effectively force American high schools to […] Read More →

The U.S. Is Now a ‘Third World’ Country

Eric Zuesse | Washington’s Blog, 4.3% of Americans Survive on Less than $2/Day  Slightly more than one American household with children in every 25 is surviving on less than $2 per day of income from all sources. One quarter of that 4.3% (that’s 1% of all Americans with children) receive less than $1.25 per day. […] Read More →

Ranking the 2014 Senate Republican Nominees

The Best Candidates for Conservatism  Like it or not, the establishment had their way with the 2014 Republican field. The “conservative alternative” candidates failed to top the GOP preferred choices. But that does not mean there lacks some candidates that conservatives can get behind.  In some cases, both sides favored the same nominee, and there […] Read More →

The most challenging issue facing liberalism today

 No challenge facing liberalism today is more important — or more difficult — than that of reviving the labor movement. Yet liberals show little enthusiasm for this task. The truth is that liberals and labor leaders bear little regard for one another. Such mutual alienation is an indulgence that neither group can afford.  By “liberals” […] Read More →