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My father’s tragic death and Hillary Clinton’s plan to tax the 1 percent

Rep. Kristi Noem,  You don’t forget moments like this – the ones that come so unexpectedly, shoving a pit into your stomach.  I was 21-years-old and nearing the due date for my husband Bryon and my first baby. That’s when the phone call came: “Kristi, your dad is stuck in a grain bin.”  I knew

Dr. Ben Carson: Charting a Course Between Principle and Pragmatism

 I recently was asked how I could possibly endorse the U.S. Senate candidacy of Dr. Monica Wehby, who is running as a Republican from Oregon. She is pro-choice, which in the opinion of many makes her unacceptable as a conservative. I called her to query her about her stance on this issue. She stated that

Hillary Clinton’s ruthless ambitions

 A trove of documents collected by Hillary Clinton’s friend Diane Blair has been released to the public 14 years after Blair’s passing, and it’s generally not flattering stuff for the aspiring 2016 presidential candidate, although her supporters are already trying to spin it away.  Alana Goodman at the Washington Free Beacon has an extensive review of the