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Shining a Light on Midnight Regulations

Jeff Stier, Presidents from both parties have historically ramped up regulations as lame ducks. But, especially for controversial policies published in not only the final months and weeks, but days and hours, of an administration, extra scrutiny is needed. Much has been made about the unprecedented number of Obama Administration “midnight regulations,” those rules issued

Killing Obama’s Last-Minute Coal Regulation

Luke Popovich, Trump, Congress can deliver on promises by scrapping radical measure aimed at mining jobs. As congressional Republicans headed to Philadelphia earlier this week to set goals for the new year, President Trump announced one of his own: erasing 75 percent of government regulations affecting businesses. This is either hyperbole, intended to grab attention, or

Undoing Obama: Who Should Do Which Government Rollbacks?

Seton Motley, Donald Trump will be sworn in to succeed President Barack Obama on Friday. Trump is the incoming, in large part because he repeatedly promised to undo much of what has been done by the outgoing. For his part, Obama is making conciliatory comments while doing everything possible to make Trump’s transition as painful

Spree of Obama actions revives GOP concerns over ‘midnight’ regs, agenda

A flurry of big decisions out of the Obama administration just weeks before President-elect Donald Trump takes office has rekindled Republican concerns about President Obama’s plans for jamming through so-called “midnight regulations” and other leftover items from his wish-list on his way out the door. In the last week alone, the Obama administration blocked future

Where Clinton and Trump Stand – on Every Major Issue

John Perazzo,  Spelling out the huge policy differences between the two candidates. In poll after poll, a majority of American voters have reported that they hold an “unfavorable” opinion of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Nevertheless, there are enormous differences in the policy positions which these two candidates embrace. Following is a comprehensive overview

The bigger the government the worse the economy

Seton Motley We’ve seen it in too many sectors of the economy to possibly mention – both domestically and internationally.  The greater the government involvement in an economic sector – the greater the ensuing economic damage.  To that sector – and the broader economy. Every additional upward ratchet of the government regulatory winch (it is