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Limousine Liberal Journalist Admits Detachment From Middle America

Rachel Alexander, I don’t usually watch CNN, but after being snowbound in a motel for five days with no Fox News, I received an earful. Other than the mind-numbing, endless focus on the Russians supposedly hacking the election and finger pointing at Donald Trump for daring to challenge this hastily adopted assumption, it wasn’t all

Trump’s ‘Cracker Barrel Crowd’ Delivers Victory

Bryan Crabtree, Have you heard it? The left-wing media has been quick to rush to the statistics to show how Donald Trump shocked the nation in winning this election, and it’s been an extremely bigoted analysis. Many of the experts who got it wrong for the last eighteen months have explained it by saying the

Facebook removes my post about Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy

Todd Starnes  Your friendly neighborhood columnist has once again run afoul of Facebook’s elusive community standards.  Now before you call up the preacher and put me on the church prayer list – let me assure the posting was neither unseemly nor ungentlemanly.  This time I was censored for writing something about Rancher Cliven Bundy. I

Cracker Barrel pulls select ‘Duck Dynasty’ items

Some Duck Dynasty merchandise was pulled from off the shelves of Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores on Saturday. This decision by the restaurant company, based in Lebanon, Tennessee, was made because they didn’t want to carry products which “might offend some of our guests.” Cracker Barrel will, however, still continue to sell some merchandise from