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Ingraham: Media Give Anti-Trump ˜Thuggery’ A Pass

Alicia Hesse, Lifezette Left would call violent protests a ‘hate crime’ if roles were reversed. The media are downplaying the violent anti-Trump protesters who caused bloodshed and started fires at a Donald Trump campaign rally last week, LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham said Monday on Fox News’ “The Sean Hannity Show.” “What we’re seeing on the streets in

How will Facebook, Google and Twitter define the “Hate” they plan to censor?

L. Brent Bozell III,  Bloomberg reports that “U.S. Internet giants Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc., Google and Microsoft Corp. pledged to tackle online hate in less than 24 hours as part of a joint commitment with the European Union to combat the use of social media by terrorists.” Further, the companies “said it remains a ‘challenge’

Americans Derelict for Allowing the Clinton Crime Family

BATR Shame is the hallmark of a lost civilization.  Mislaid ethics is the cause of tolerating generational political corruption. The vast majority of docile bottom feeders live in apathetic denial. Their bewildered love for the congenital Clinton family crime syndicate is the sure sign that America has shed all decency and honorable values. Refusal to

Dear Millennials and other brain-dead Bernie supporters: Read this real-life story of socialism

Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society  Among the most disastrous social/political changes we Americans have permitted in modern time is the 26th Amendment to our constitution, which gave 18-year olds the privilege (it is not a right) to vote. I would like to see the 26th Amendment repealed and replaced with an amendment making 25 the

Oh, what a tangled web Pagliano wove… for Hillary

Gregg Jarrett,  It is a stunning revelation that is sure to add a suspicious, if not incriminating, new wrinkle into the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server during her tenure as secretary of state.  Whether her impropriety has metastasized into criminal wrongdoing may rest, in part, in the hands of her former IT

The White House Plan to Make the Suburbs Less Wealthy and White

The Daily Sheeple | Joshua Krause We must all be equal in all ways, even when it comes to the culture and appearance of our communities. For leftists, multiculturalism isn’t always about flooding a country with millions of immigrants from incompatible cultures, as we’ve seen in Europe over the past few years. It’s also about

DOJ to nix ˜felon,’ ˜convict’ terms deemed stigmatizing

A Justice Department division will no longer refer to people released from prison as “felons” or “convicts” because of the stigmatizing effects of the terms, an agency official announced in a Washington Post editorial Wednesday. Instead, Assistant Attorney General Karol Mason said the “disparaging labels” will be replaced by “person who committed a crime” or