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America It’s Finally Time to Vote to #DrainTheSwamp

Preserve the U.S. political establishment or blow it up? That’s the question facing 226 million Americans eligible to vote for president Tuesday, with as many as 50 million having done so already. The winner inherits leadership of the world’s largest economy and a nation perhaps irreconcilably divided over immigration, trade and its role in the world.

In place of a routine political endorsement, we give Trump the Ultimate Tribute—his own Opera

Daniel Henninger, Political endorsements are a dime a dozen. Instead, we will give Donald J. Trump the grandest tribute to his unique presidential campaign—the world premiere of “Trump the Opera.” Cast Trump: Donald Trump Crooked Hillary: Hillary Clinton Lyin’ Ted: Ted Cruz Little Marco: Marco Rubio Low Energy Jeb: Jeb Bush The Director: James Comey

A Trump Fan Arrests Crooked Hillary In Halloween Costume, Best costume of the season? Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is handcuffed wearing a striped prison jumpsuit and led around by Republican opponent Donald Trump in a costume shared by Twitter users celebrating Halloween. The couples costume embodies one of the major themes of the presidential campaign, especially after Trump promised to prosecute the former

What we Know about the FBI’s new Email Inquiry of Crooked Hillary

Thought the furor over Crooked Hillary Clinton’s private emails was over? Think again. The FBI dropped what amounts to a political bomb on the Crooked Clinton campaign on Friday when it announced it was investigating whether new emails involving the Crooked Democratic presidential nominee contain classified information. The announcement was a surprise considering the FBI

Crooked Hillary has Caused this Election to Be a Nightmare

Tom Purcell, “I can’t take it anymore. This stupid presidential election has turned into a lousy Jerry Springer show.” “Ah, yes, you speak of a series of salacious stories about Donald Trump, as well as Hillary and Bill Clinton. Story after story is being published daily. It’s certainly getting ugly out there.” “You got that

Trump the Election Rigged: There is large scale voter fraud happening

Republican candidate Donald Trump said on Monday he expected widespread voter fraud in the Nov. 8 U.S. presidential election, ramping up his warning of a rigged election. “Of course there is large scale voter fraud happening on and before election day. Why do Republican leaders deny what is going on? So naive!” Trump said on

Private Comments Versus Bill and Hillary’s War on Women, I’m Voting for Trump!

Arthur Schaper, Apparently, Donald Trump made some very crude comments over the weekend. Oh, wait … he uttered those comments privately over eleven years ago. Isn’t it against the law to record such private conversations in the first place? I am waiting for the Trump campaign to launch their next lawsuit … against Billy Bush.

Trump Launches Major Twitter Campaign Ahead of Debates with #BigLeagueTruth

Warner Todd Huston, Donald Trump has launched a social media campaign to help supporters keep the media honest for the next presidential debate with the hashtag #BigLeagueTruth, where supporters can act as a quick response team to debunk false accusations by the Clinton campaign or the moderators and the media. Supporters can go to the


The Daily Caller “Between 11 p.m. Oct. 4 and 9 a.m. Oct.5, #BigLeagueTruth had a whopping reach of 23,253,508 and spread of 31,430,567, the Republican National Committee confirmed to The Daily Caller News Foundation.” “GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s #BigLeagueTruth team accomplished its goal of getting its message out to an astounding number of people

Parade Float Features Trump Executing Crooked Hillary via Electric Chair

Adan Salazar,  Priest reads last rites as grim reaper waits patiently. A parade float at a county fair in Indiana depicted Democrat presidential contender Hillary Clinton seated in an electric chair with Republican opponent Donald Trump ready to pull the switch. The creators behind the work featured this past weekend at the Aurora Farmers Fair

Trump: ‘I’m Working for You Now’

Brendan Kirby, GOP nominee contrasts record as savvy businessman with Clinton’s as a ‘corrupt public official’ Donald Trump on Monday offered a full-throated defense of his business record, saying he “brilliantly” used legal options under the tax code to minimize his company’s tax burden. The Republican nominee for president, speaking in Pueblo, Colorado, referenced a

Trump clings to facts and figures, Holt stumbles

William Whalen,  Monday’s presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump coincided with the anniversary of the famous Nixon-Kennedy debate – the first major-party debate to be shown nationwide on television. Here’s what’s striking about what transpired 56 years ago in Chicago: the stage design was low-frills; JFK looked tan and rested; a pallid Richard