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Beware Iran and ICBM Rocket Engines

Robert Bunn, As the US Congress struggles to bring another wobbly appropriations year to close, the furthest thing from most minds is likely Iran.  Instead, adds to that mega-bill are likely to include bite-sized favors and odd treats tied to the election and domestic politics.  But beyond the fray, rails rumble.  More specifically, missile launches

Preparation for conflict with Russia and China pairs up with recent U.S. rhetoric

Globalist Think Tank Calls for Pentagon Emphasis on War with China and Russia A think tank connected to Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), is calling for retooling the U.S. military in preparation of a “great power conflict” with “a newly aggressive Russia and rapidly modernizing China,” according

Canada Welcomes Mossad Assassin, Offers Him New Identity

Richard Silverstein Canadian media offers a shocking new development in the intelligence wars.  This involves a honeypot security officer working for Canadian immigration.  Her assignment was to romance an alleged Iranian spy.  Sometime during their year-long romance, one night after having a few drinks too many, she told him an amazing story: that one of the 27