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Calif. university deems ‘man,’ ‘secretary,’ ‘male nurse’ not inclusive enough

“Secretary” is an exclusive word that’s inappropriate to use, California State University Fullerton told students on a handout about gender-inclusive language. Instead, use “administrative assistant,” the guide said. Also off-limits: “Mankind,” “man the desk/phones/tables,” “hey guys,” “man-made,” “workmanship,” “hey, dudes!” and “the common man.” And don’t even think about using “man” or calling someone “Mrs.

College Students Destroy Free Speech Wall, Harass Conservative Group “Tolerant left” at CSU violate freedom of speech. A group of conservative students at Colorado State University set up a “free speech wall” out of boxes to serve as a platform for students of all mindsets to share their opinions. A crowd of people started to gather as debates began to take place, eventually