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Cuban Revolution

Cuban State Media: ˜Negro’ Obama ˜Incited Rebellion and Disorder’

Frances Martel, Breitbart The Havana Tribune, a state-controlled Cuban newspaper, has added insult to injury following Fidel Castro’s scathing criticism of President Barack Obama upon his departure from the island. In an editorial, the title of which refers to President Obama as “negro,” an opinion columnist has accused him of “inciting rebellion.” The article is titled “Negro, ¿Tu

Does Hillary Clinton Take Us for Idiots?

Humberto Fontova  Hillary Clinton gets bashed frequently from “our side of the aisle.” But among the many, varied and colorful descriptions applied by her political enemies to our former First Lady and former Secretary of State you don’t often find “dumb.” Apparently she reserves that one for us. As if we need more proof of

CIA’s Declassified Torture Handbook: How to Create a œWorld of Fear, Terror, Anxiety, Dread.

Unredacted – by Lauren Harper  Senator Feinstein’s quest to declassify her committee’s report on the CIA’s post-9/11 torture program has increased attention on the agency’s illegal –and decades-old– interrogation techniques. Now, newly-declassified portions of the CIA’s infamous 1963 KUBARK manual, a comprehensive guide for teaching interrogators how to effectively create “a world of fear, terror, anxiety, [and] dread,” helps to

Thanksgiving Terror From Friends of The Council on Foreign Relations


Humberto Fontova,   Here’s how her media friends describe the CFR’s Julia Sweig upon their frequent showcasing of her “expertise:” “Julia Sweig heads the Latin American division for the Council on Foreign Relations.” (Stephen Colbert) “Julia Sweig is director for Latin America studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.” (NPR) “Julia E. Sweig is senior