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The momentum is definitely with Mr. Trump right now

As the U.S. presidential race heads into its final weekend, Donald Trump is showing strength in Iowa and Ohio pre-Election Day voting, while Hillary Clinton’s advantage in early balloting looks stronger in North Carolina and Nevada, a Bloomberg Politics analysis shows. Democrats and Republicans in Florida, the biggest swing state, have returned ballots in nearly

Major Election Fraud Alert – Is This To Steal The Election From Donald Trump?

Michael Snyder Economic Collapse, If we will not fight election fraud, we might as well not even have any elections. Every ounce of effort that ordinary Americans have put into getting Donald Trump elected could be completely wasted if we allow them to steal the election.  If you have confidence in the integrity of our

Cleveland says protesters can carry guns, but not tennis balls

Todd Starnes,  Security here in Cleveland has become an even bigger deal in the aftermath of the police shootings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Police officers now tasked with not only keeping delegates safe — but also each other. And they are especially concerned about protesters who might be carrying firearms outside the security perimeter. The

Kasich says hands tied as Cleveland police union seeks open-carry ban for convention

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s office rebuffed a call Sunday from the Cleveland police union to ban the open carry of firearms during the Republican National Convention, in the wake of the deadly shooting of police officers in Baton Rouge. FOX 8 reported earlier that Steve Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, is asking

Cleveland Police Union Head on Baton Rouge: Obama Has ˜Blood on His Hands’

Following the Baton Rouge police shooting Sunday that killed three officers and injured at least three others, Fox News invited Cleveland Detective Steve Loomis to discuss the situation as the story continued to unfold.  Loomis, who is also president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, didn’t hold back from assigning blame during his interview with