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Organizing for Action promises to crack conservative skulls to halt the Trump agenda

Matthew Vadum, Obama’s Shadow Presidency. Former President Obama is waging war against the Trump administration through his generously funded agitation outfit, Organizing for Action, to defend his monumentally destructive record of failure and violent polarization. It is a chilling reminder that the increasingly aggressive, in-your-face Left in this country is on the march. Acclaimed author

Manhattan DA’s office probing death of reporter with possible JFK ties

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office is looking into the mysterious death 51 years ago of newspaper writer and “What’s My Line?” star Dorothy Kilgallen, who was investigating the JFK assassination, The Post has learned. The stunning development comes after a new book, “The Reporter who Knew Too Much,” suggests Kilgallen was murdered to shut down

Government Waste: Frittering Away the Funds

Ed Feulner, I have good news for lawmakers looking to purge wasteful spending from the federal budget: It’s a target-rich environment out there. That’s not to say you won’t encounter pushback from special-interest groups bent on preserving their slice of the pie. But a quick tour of the latest “Wastebook” from Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.)

A Millennials’ Guide to Angela Davis and Other Stalinists

Lloyd Billingsley, “History cannot be deleted.” On Friday, January 20, Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. The next day, the leftist hordes descended on Washington and cranked up the volume. C-SPAN identified one keynote speaker only as Angela Davis, so millenials, GenXers, and even baby boomers should understand

George “Sorass” Soros and Other Liberal Billionaires Meet in DC to Plan War on Trump

Clifford Cunningham | Infowars, One of the Soros’ favorite causes is stoking racial division. George Soros and other far-left billionaires began a three-day conference with Democratic Party activists and leaders to plan a war against President-elect Donald Trump. Soros, along with the other far-left billionaires who make up the “Democracy Alliance” (DA), are meeting for

George Soros Demands Voters Return Control of Country to Him

Daniel Greenfield,  He paid for it. It’s his. Give it back! Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power’ So long as we’re not pretending that there’s any democracy here. Just oligarchs who want power.  George Soros and other rich liberals who spent tens of millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton

Progressives Question Relevance of George Soros’s Democracy Alliance After Trump Victory

Ken Vogel reports on a gathering of major progressive donors and politicians to “lick wounds [and] retrench” after Donald Trump’s presidential victory which also left both houses of Congress under Republican control. George Soros and other rich liberals who spent tens of millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton are gathering in Washington for

Convicted Criminal Soros Spending Millions to Buy District Attorneys

Daniel Greenfield, Don’t worry. It’s all about “criminal justice reform”. Which means it’s really great that a billionaire convicted of insider trading is buying DA’s like cattle. Criminals buying chunks of the justice system is praiseworthy if they’re progressives. Just ask Scott over at Politico. “George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system” Who

Inside the vast liberal conspiracy, of The liberal Democracy Alliance

KENNETH P. VOGEL  Picture this: millionaires and billionaires gathering under tight security in fancy hotels with powerful politicians and operatives to plot how their network of secret-money groups can engineer a permanent realignment of American politics. Only, it’s not the Koch brothers. It’s the liberal Democracy Alliance. The 21 groups at the core of the

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT This is what happened to Kelly Thomas.

The Murder of Kelly Thomas Officers Found “Not Guilty” Despite Footage of Them Beating Kelly Thomas to Death Unbelievably — but not surprisingly — the officers have been found “not guilty,” according to reports. A jury has found them not guilty on all charges, despite the overwhelming video evidence.   These are the officers

California Cops Busted: 6 King City police officers arrested, Including Brother of acting chief

KING CITY, Calif. —  King City’s police chief, former police chief and three other police officers are among those arrested after prosecutors filed bribery and embezzlement charges against them on Tuesday, the city’s mayor said. Mayor Robert Cullen confirmed that Acting Chief Bruce Miller, retired Chief Nick Baldiviez, Sgt. Bobby Carrillo and Officers Mario Mottu