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CBS Poll: Two-Thirds of Democrats Say Islam, Christianity Equally Violent

Neil Munro, Almost seven out 10 Democrats believe Islam “encourages violence… about the same as other religions,” according to a new CBS poll. The trusting attitude towards Islam is revealed in the February 2017 poll follows 17 tumultuous years of attacks against Americans motivated or shaped by Islamic ideology throughout the United States—from the 9/11

Minutes of the Deep State Exec. Committee on the Permanent Campaign Against Trump

Virgil, Virgil, in his immortal way, has gained possession of a transcript of the most recent meeting of the Deep State Executive Committee.  Although he has been unable to verify this document, or to identify the attendees, he believes it to be an accurate portrayal of ongoing Deep State activities against President Trump.  Where appropriate,

Radical Environmentalists Are the Real Science-Haters

Rich Trzupek, On January 16, The Daily Beast published an opinion piece titled “When Scientists Hate Science,” authored by Paul Offit, M.D., professor of pediatrics and director of the Vaccine Education Center. Offit is clearly troubled by the thoroughly unscientific linkage between autism and vaccines that has resulted in a disturbing number of parents refusing

James Kirchick and the Radical Alt-Left

Jack Kerwick, James Kirchick’s latest article at The Daily Beast—“The Jews Begging to Join the Alt-Right”—is a ramshackle assemblage of non sequiturs, ad hominem attacks, and strawman fallacies that Kirchick, himself a Jew, tries to pass off as a reasoned argument. The first thing of which to take note is that at the core of

Roger Stone Claims Trump Wanted To “Torture” Mitt Romney

Mickey White,  There has been quite a bit of speculation as to why President-elect Donald Trump invited Mitt Romney to dinner and floated his name for Secretary of State. Some thought it was an attempt by Trump to be magnanimous in his win. Others remained skeptical of his motivations. If one of his most ardent

Cutting Through Democrats’ Furious Spin and Blame on Renewed FBI Probe into Hillary’s Emails

Guy Benson, Warning: With Hillary Clinton’s fortunes abruptly plunged into political jeopardy, the Left’s furious hackery has become so piping hot that close contact may result in severe burns.  Before we get to that, let’s review what we know so far. The FBI has reactivated its probe into her improper, unsecure, national security-endangering email scheme, due to the discovery

WikiLeaks: ‘Corrupt Ruling Power Factions’ Are Going To Win The Election

Daily Caller, “This is, in effect, a power consolidation exercise.” WikiLeaks suggested in several tweets Thursday that the 2016 election for president of the United States is rigged. In response to criticism from blogger Dan Gillmor that WikiLeaks recent leaks have outed it as picking a side and playing partisan politics in the presidential election, WikiLeaks tweeted back, “You are

Trump on the Commission for Presidential Debates: It’s a ‘Rigged Deal’ and ‘I’m Done’

Donald Trump blasted the Commission for Presidential Debates on Wednesday, claiming the bipartisan group is “rigged” and declaring himself “done” with it. “The head guy worked for Bill Clinton. Ay yai yai. What a rigged deal this is,” Trump said at a rally in Florida. He was referring to CPD co-chair Mike McCurry, who served

Secret Report Released: Clinton Foundation to Become Cabinet Department

Bruce Bialosky, In a breaking story, Julian Assange released secret emails that disclose if Hillary Clinton becomes president, she plans to propose that the Clinton Foundation become the 16th cabinet department of the U.S. government.   The report details how the Clintons will propose that the work of the Clinton Foundation has become vital to

Donald Trump revealed some good news , but it was dwarfed by the negative Media

Howard Kurtz,  Even as a Daily Beast piece declared that “the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is all but over,” the Republican nominee and his party raised $82 million last month, barely trailing Clinton’s $90 million. This is a dramatic improvement from the spring, when the Trump team was practically out of cash.

Ex-UN President ˜Conveniently’ Crushes His Own Throat Before Clinton-Linked Federal Case Starts

Free Thought Project – by Jay Syrmopoulos New York, NY – The suspicious circumstances surrounding the death last week of former U.N. President John Ashe has left political pundits and conspiracy theorists alike speculating as to whether foul play was involved in his untimely demise. After Ashe was found dead Wednesday, the U.N. claimed that

The Tax Speech That Could Elect President Donald J. Trump

David Cay Johnston, The Daily Beast Trump hasn’t disclosed his taxes. He hasn’t even paid them, as best we know. Here’s how he could make political lemonade from those lemons. Donald Trump, breaking with an American political tradition that began when President Richard Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew were revealed to be criminal tax