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Google blood money

Daily Mail, Web giant cashes in on vile seven-minute video showing ‘knife expert’ penetrating a stab vest like the one worn by murdered Westminster PC. A Mail on Sunday investigation today exposes how Google has cashed in on a sickening YouTube video that shows viewers how to kill someone in a stab vest like the one worn by PC

Melania Trump Wins ‘Substantial’ Settlement from Blogger over Escort Claims

Katherine Rodriguez, Melania Trump has won a “substantial” amount of money in a settlement with a Maryland blogger who published claims that Melania once worked as an escort, the New York Post reported. “The first lady of the United States has settled her lawsuit against Webster Griffin Tarpley of Maryland,” said Matthew Blackett, one of

Possible Obama Pardon of Edward Snowden, Bowe Bergdahl and Chelsea Manning

Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart Barack Obama has been very busy pardoning a growing list of drug dealers, domestic terrorists, killers, and other criminals as his last days in office wind down, but so far he has pardoned neither Edward Snowden, Bowe Bergdahl nor Chelsea Manning – and speculation is now focused on these names as

Santa Claus Economics

Thomas DiLorenzo, He ran for the highest office in the land on a platform that excoriated the corporate “one-percenters,” promising to reign them in with reams of regulation and government-imposed price controls.  To atone for all the alleged unfairness of “capitalist society” he promised explosive growth of welfare statism, complete with “free” education, free health

Federal judge orders release of search warrant from Clinton email case

A federal judge on Monday ordered the release of the search warrant the FBI used to reopen their probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server days before the November election. U.S. District Judge P. Kevin Castel ruled Monday morning that the public had a right to see the warrant, which he said was secretly filed

Is National Geographic Complicit in a Form of Child Abuse?

Michael Brown, What comes to mind when you hear the words National Geographic? Do you think of exotic pictures from the jungles of Africa or up-close documentation of an erupting volcano or the discovery of a stone-age, Amazon tribe previously lost to civilization? If so, brace yourself. The January, 2017 edition of this venerated publication

Not Russia: Wikileaks Operative Says Clinton Emails Handed Over By Dem Whistleblowers

Mac Slavo, And just like that, any and all claims of Russian hacking have just been utterly discredited. So much for the Russian hacking story. If the following exclusive report from The Daily Mail is true, then the entire Clinton narrative just fell apart. A Wikileaks envoy today claims he personally received Clinton campaign emails in Washington

Former Immigration Officer: Many Illegals Can Vote with Fake Documents

Katie McHugh, A former immigration officer says many illegal aliens can vote in national elections, in part because they can easily buy fake identification documents. “I probably arrested more than a thousand illegal aliens in my career,” retired ICE Special-Agent-In-Charge Claude Arnold said during an interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. “I routinely encounter people

Hillary Re-Emerges Looking Like Death Warmed Up

Paul Joseph Watson, Clinton resembled an extra from Dawn of the Dead. Hillary Clinton re-emerged publicly for the first time since her concession speech looking like death warmed up, hardly a rebuke to the “conspiracy theorists” who questioned her health throughout the election cycle. Hillary gave a speech at a gala for the Children’s Defense

Clinton Top Aide Huma Abedin Seen Openly Weeping on Streets of New York

Warner Todd Huston, After repeated body blows to her life over the last several months, Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, was seen openly weeping as she walked alone on the streets of Brooklyn in the days after Election Day. Photos of Clinton’s top aide were taken as she walked to the Clinton campaign office