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Leftist Activists Target GOP Members of Congress

Martin Walsh, Liberal groups generate hometown protests to intimidate Republicans on health care. On Tuesday, House Republicans held a closed-door meeting to discuss strategies to protect themselves and their staffs from violent leftists “protesting” their offices and town halls as a result of repealing Obamacare. House GOP Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers met with Rep. David

Ethno-Nationalists Against Jeff Sessions

Alex Mayfield, “We have got to eliminate the gringo. . . .” The National Council for La Raza has been at the forefront of the campaign against Senator Jeff Sessions as well as President Trump’s promise to enforce our immigration laws honestly and equally. Last weekend, the group arranged a march with Rev. Sharpton to protest the Sessions

Getting Ready for War? Russia ordered all the relatives of officials abroad home

Curt Mills, Russia could be prepping for a new “global war” and has reportedly ordered all the relatives of officials abroad home to Russia, according to a new report. “This is all part of the package of measures to prepare elites to some ‘big war,’” Stanislav Belkovsky, a Russia analyst, is quoted by the Daily