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Clinton Runs from Reporters After Debate, Trump Speaks with CNN and Fox News

Justin Holcomb,  Immediately following the intense presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Monday night,  Clinton quickly exited the arena, dodging questions from major main stream media news outlets.   However, Trump spoke directly to Sean Hannity of Fox News and Dana Bash of CNN answering numerous questions in the post-debate madness.   Trump told

Donald Trump won the nomination fair and square

Bruce Bialosky,  An element of the Republican party is in a tizzy about the presidential nominee, Donald Trump. It started with the conservatives, because Trump is not really a conservative, so they deserted ship. Then it was the self-righteous because they did not like the way he talked. Then it was establishment Republicans who stated

Canning Corey: Why Trump firing Lewandowski could shift his campaign

Howard Kurtz,   The Trump campaign jet, after hitting substantial turbulence, has just jettisoned one of its key pilots. In his highest-profile firing since “The Apprentice,” Trump dumped Corey Lewandowski, the fiercely loyal, rough-and-tumble campaign manager who arguably did more than anyone else to win his boss the nomination. Trump’s move yesterday came after much

Cruz apology to McConnell? ‘Ain’t gonna happen,’ he says

Washington, Ted Cruz said Thursday he will not apologize to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for accusing him of lying last year, despite suggestions from Senate colleagues it would help them unite behind his campaign. “That ain’t gonna happen,” Cruz told CNN’s Dana Bash in an interview that aired on “Erin Burnett OutFront.” “And if

Five Quotes From the Catastrophically Awful Obamacare Press Conference


Guy Benson, President Obama had three goals coming into today’s press conference: First, to shift responsibility for the Obamacare fiasco onto insurers by saddling them with mid-implementation changes. Second,to quell Democratic panic on Capitol Hill. And third, to nudge the media toward turning the page on his healthcare debacle. He accomplished none of these things.