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Never Trump Heads Explode as Ted Cruz Backs Donald Trump for President

Dustin Stockton, Senator Ted Cruz revealed Friday that he would “vote his conscience” by endorsing Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. For the small but vocal group remaining in the “Never Trump” crowd, the news was devastating. It all started with the endorsement from Senator Cruz, citing the threat that Hillary Clinton poses to the future

The House Might Take Radical Islam Sitting Down: We Shouldn’t

Jeremiah Cuevas, In the fall of last year, many middle-aged Americans rolled their eyes as college students organized sit-ins at Princeton, and in universities and colleges across the country.  Many of the students still demanded they be excused from classes and assignments, so that they could participate in the protests without affecting their grades.  Many

Dana Loesch Attacks Trump Supporter Mocked for Breast Surgery ” Has Cancer-Causing Gene!

Alex Swoyer, Breitbart Dana Loesch Lashes Out at ‘Flat Chested’ Trump Supporter Undergoing Mastectomy Surgery. Pathetic Radio host Dana Loesch, of Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, personally attacked Donald Trump supporter and CNN commentator Kayleigh McEnany, calling her “flat-chested.” McEnany began the process of having a preventative mastectomy due to being BRCA1 positive. Being BRCA1 positive means McEnany inherited

Michelle Fields Is Not Black and Blue

Gavin McInnes, Taki’s Magazine When #TheDress became a viral sensation last year, you had people who were absolutely positive the dress was gold and white while others looking at the same picture were just as sure it was black and blue. It was a stupid meme, but it dominated the news cycle and had family members

5 Ways Liberals Try To Control You

John Hawkins, “As Stan Evans says, whatever liberals disapprove of, they want banned … and whatever they approve of, they make mandatory.” — Ann Coulter Liberalism is an ideology that believes in control, not freedom. That’s why liberals love the federal government so much while they detest statesí rights. It allows them to bend hundreds

Dems Contraception Poster Girl Unwilling or Unable To Defend Her Position?

In February of this year, a Georgetown law student testified before Rep. Nancy Pelosi and the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee. Sandra Fluke spoke about the contraception mandate and women’s health. She pleaded for the new mandate because of student’s suffering from lack of contraceptive coverage and how they suffer financially, medically and emotionally.