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The Myth of Hillary’s Inevitability

Eddie Zipperer, Presumptive Democratic nominee has a long track record of blowing leads. I’m outside in my hammock drinking a Sam Adams Summer Ale and listening to Jimmy Buffett on the radio. The sun on my skin and the sweat on my brow is screaming to me that November is a long way off. Somebody

WaPo Engages in Propaganda Exercise against Benghazi Conference (Update, Video)

by James Simpson DC Independent Examiner, Accuracy in Media  The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank wrote a column on Monday titled “Heritage’s ugly Benghazi panel,” portraying a forum held the same day at the Heritage Foundation, hosted by the newly formed Benghazi Accountability Coalition, as nothing more than an anti-Islamic hate-fest.  This was a serious panel

Sen. Feinstein says ˜it’s hard to be comfortable’ with the Bergdahl deal

 Man, there sure are a lot of Democrats climbing on board the Republican Scandal Machine these days.  Just for fun, go back and re-read Dana Milbank’s embarrassing Washington Post screed on that subject today, knowing what we’ve learned about the Bowe Bergdahl affair since he wrote it.  Pretty much everything he whined about as a product of

From Target to Benghazi

Bruce Bialosky  Most everyone remembers that the biggest story of last year’s holiday season was not the hottest new toy or the stampeding crowds seeking post-Christmas sales. The biggest story was a computer breach at Target, one of America’s largest retailers that exposed the credit card information of millions of people to despicable hackers. Gregg