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We must never forget the faith and patriotism of those on Flight 93

Dana Perino, Flying to Pittsburgh Thursday morning, I rested my head on the scratchy airline pillow and closed my eyes. It was an early flight after a late night, and I could have used another hour’s sleep, yet I couldn’t rest. Every time I closed my eyes, I pictured what the passengers and crew of

CNN taps Corey Lewandowski, but is he an analyst or Trump spokesman?

Howard Kurtz, Here’s what I think of CNN hiring Donald Trump’s campaign manager, seemingly seconds after he was fired: Sad! This is not a knock on Corey Lewandowski, who handled his dismissal with class, though he has plenty of detractors. It’s the question of what CNN is getting for its money. There is a long

Donald Trump Adviser to Attend Facebook Meeting on Alleged News Bias

A senior adviser to Donald Trump will attend a meeting with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday with prominent conservative leaders in response to a recent report of Facebook’s handling of conservative news stories, a campaign official said today. The meeting, scheduled to take place at Facebook headquarters, was convened by Zuckerberg in response to these