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NC Senate Poll: Tillis: 39; Hagan: 36

Daniel Doherty  Sen. Kay Hagan’s a.k.a. (Liberal Snot) (D-NC) amusing and discredited attempts to brand her conservative opponent an Obamacare enthusiast when, in fact, he isn’t have not gone unnoticed. Neither has her voting record: Hagan has been an Obama rubber-stamp for years, supporting the president’s agenda some 96 percent of the time since assuming office.

Florida Poll: Only 21 Percent Say Rubio Should Run for President

 Daniel Doherty, Sen. Marco Rubio’s fall from grace as a conservative stalwart in the Republican Party is well-documented. His all-in push for comprehensive immigration reform went down in flames last year, killing his conservative credentials in the process (although he’s now working overtime to earn them back). And yet virtually everyone in the Beltway Media

Global Study of 40 Countries: 56 Percent Say Abortion is “Unacceptable”

Daniel Doherty  I must say this is a remarkable feat of data collection. The Pew Research Center asked more than 40,000 people from 40 different countries around the world their opinions on seven moral issues, ranging from infidelity to birth control. The graph below shows the median answers respondents gave on each topic. As you might