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Illegal Aliens vs. Victims of Illegal Aliens at State of the Union

Daniel Greenfield, Everyone has got a date for the State of the Union address. Tom Perez and Keith Ellison will be going together. But some Democrats will be bringing illegal aliens along.. This is the equivalent of lighting up a crack pipe in Congress to make the point that there’s no enforcement.  Of course they’ll

CNN News Desk Editor: “I’m a Little Biased” #CNNLEAKS

Daniel Greenfield, CNN’s people are a little biased and the ocean is a little wet. This is one of the first videos released by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas from the huge amount of raw audio captured by a CNN insider. It deals with Joe Sterling, who was then the News desk editor for CNN’s ‘The Wire’ 

Dictators Actually Get Started With a Cheerleader Media

Daniel Greenfield, Dictators don’t get started by criticizing the media. The majority of Americans have a negative view of the media. Does that make all of us dictators? Instead dictators get started with a media that hysterically showers them with praise, That defends every one of their illegal actions, That calls for them to even

Another Week, Another Fake Anti-Muslim Hate Crime #MuslimBan

Daniel Greenfield, Islamophobia, America’s greatest problem since sliced bread, struck again at Benoit College. Two students at Beloit College were victims of hate crimes over the weekend, according to a statement released by the college Monday.  Beloit College says on Friday a note with anti-Semitic statements was placed under a student’s door at one of

How Reagan Dealt With Berkeley Protesters (VIDEO)

Daniel Greenfield, Back when California had sane leadership. That’s when Reagan spoke out on “The Morality Gap at Berkeley” There has been a leadership gap and a morality and decency gap at the University of California at Berkeley where a small minority of beatniks, radicals and filthy speech advocates have brought such shame to and

Dems to Filibuster All Supreme Court Nominees

Daniel Greenfield, That simplifies things. Back in the Obama days, the Dem line was that the President of the United States could nominate anyone he wanted and that the Senate had a Constitutional duty to hold hearings, advise and consent, and that was that. Or at the very least, Merrick Garland deserved a hearing and

3 Out of 4 Judges Blocking President Trump are Obama/Clinton People

Daniel Greenfield, The various activist judicial orders attempting to sabotage President Trump’s plan to keep Americans safe run the range from illegal to wildly illegal. Heading up the list was Judge Ann Donnelly’s ridiculous order in New York, the first stay, which was filed on behalf of two detained men, who had already been released.