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Mr. Trump, please make a ‘moonshot’ for the Midwest. We need it.

Timothy E. Carone, There is a stark reality we must face.  Those Midwest jobs that went south or overseas in the past few decades are never coming back.  Workers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin have been disadvantaged and marginalized by global economic forces and are struggling to return to a

Facebook Moves to Create Virtual Reality World of Social Control

 Control the environment and you control human behavior and, ultimately, the destiny of humanity Earlier this week, Facebook dropped $2 billion to buy the virtual reality company Oculus Rift, described by Dave Thier of Forbes as “a bizarre, maddening and beguiling beast” that will reshape “conference calls, virtual tourism, goggle-sized home theaters and more.” The

Obama Doubles Down on BRAIN Project and Military Mind Control

Activist Post – by Nicholas West  In April of last year, Obama announced a $100 million brain-mapping project, which is being promoted as essential to unlocking the secrets behind degenerative brain conditions and kick starting job growth. Despite a U.S. economy that is sliding ever faster toward complete implosion, Obama is doubling down on the initiative with another

DARPA announces scary new web search tool for law enforcement called “Memex

Ground Report – by Robert Tilford  Move rover George Orwell – the Defense Advanced Research (DARPA) announced recently its new “deep web” search program for police and law enforcement called:  “Memex” which will be able to search the far corners of internet content that is unattainable by modern, mainstream search engines, offering DARPA“technological superiority in the area