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Clinton Email problem’s resurface, FBI announces Case Reopening #LockHerUp

The FBI is investigating more emails as part of a probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system, it said on Friday, in a new twist to the U.S. presidential campaign that could damage the Democratic candidate just 11 days before Election Day. Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey said in a

Dartmouth Double Standard: Black Lives Matter, good; Blue Lives Matter, bad

Brendan Kirby, Lifezette  College Republicans claim inadequate response to Black Lives Matters vandalism. That is the view of some black students at Dartmouth College, who last week tore down a display by the Dartmouth College Republicans honoring police officers and firefighters who have died in the line of duty. The organization had received permission from

The Politicization of the English Language

Victor Davis Hanson, Last week, French President Francois Hollande met President Obama in Washington to discuss joint strategies for stopping the sort of radical Islamic terrorists who have killed dozens of innocents in Brussels, Paris and San Bernardino in recent months. Hollande at one point explicitly referred to the violence as “Islamist terrorism.” The White

Election stirs debate about Fed’s handling of political pressure

Donald Trump says the Federal Reserve has stoked asset bubbles and backs a congressional review of its decisions. Bernie Sanders also wants to “audit” the Fed to make it less beholden to Wall Street. Ted Cruz calls for a return to a gold standard abandoned in 1933. Such voices from the 2016 presidential campaign have

Seriously? Eating This Food Is Now Considered Racist¦

B. Christopher Agee Leftist use of the race card moved long ago into the realm of the absurd. Americans – specifically conservatives – are now routinely vilified as bigots based on the constantly shifting parameters of political correctness. Just when some thought the trend could not get any more bizarre, a longstanding fundraiser among several

Dartmouth College Controversy: Is a Burrito Racially or Culturally Insensitive?

 If U.S. News & World Report had a category for “Most Overly Sensitive Institution of Higher Learning,” Dartmouth College would win in a landslide. The Ivy League school’s Greek community decided to cancel an upcoming fiesta-themed, charity fundraiser after a student complained that the event was culturally and racially offensive. “As a Mexican-born, United States-raised,

Pedophiles Lured by Avatar in Tech Industry Porn Fight

 Sweetie looks much like other unfortunate young Filipinas. Just 10 years old, her user profile shows, she spends her days online fielding requests from men who offer her money to perform sexual acts in front of a webcam. When she logs on, invitations pour in — “Are you a working girl?” or “I’m into girls

Dartmouth Battles Online Ads Claiming Campus ˜Rape Problem’

 Dartmouth College, which reported in February that undergraduate applications slid 14 percent this year, is now battling online advertisements claiming that the school has a “rape problem.” The ads, aimed through Facebook and Web browsers at prospective and current students, along with alumni, have been seen about 60,000 times since they began running a little