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Why the past eight years happened, and what it all means, FakePrez.Con

Lloyd Billingsley, “I first came to Chicago when I was in my early 20s, still trying to figure out who I was,” President Obama told the nation on Tuesday. After eight years of his presidency, many others are still trying to figure out who, exactly, this guy is. His farewell address offered few clues but

Legacy lessons from “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” Robert Vaughn.

Lloyd Billingsley, RedsInGovernment.Con “The curiosity is not that there were undoubtedly many Reds that made government their vocation, but that the entire Communist Party was not on the federal payroll.” When did Red Scare witch-hunter Joseph McCarthy say that? Or perhaps it was that anti-Communist right-wing Republican Ronald Reagan? Wait, it was that McCarthyite snob William

Clinton camp signals foul play before debate even begins

As part of an effort to manage expectations for the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton’s campaign suggested on Sunday that foul play will give Donald Trump an unfair advantage over the former secretary of state. Senior aides to Clinton have repeatedly suggested that the Democratic nominee could be treated unfairly during Monday’s debate by not

Clinton’s self-inflicted wound: Misleading the press about her pneumonia

Just when Hillary Clinton was stepping up her complaints about media bias, it turns out her bigger problem is media aversion. The way in which the Democratic nominee and her team utterly botched the belated disclosure of her pneumonia took a modest problem and made it a thousand times worse. It reinforced the image of

Trump to release new results of his latest health exam

Donald Trump told Fox News on Monday he plans to release “very, very specific” details from a recent physical, as he declared candidate health “an issue” in this campaign following a medical episode that forced Hillary Clinton to abruptly leave a 9/11 anniversary ceremony on Sunday. “Something’s going on, but I just hope she gets

Health is Now an Issue in the Presidential Race after Clinton’s Collapse

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Monday that health is an issue in the campaign after his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, revealed she had pneumonia, and he said he would soon release detailed health information of his own. “I just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail, and we’ll be seeing

Trump and Clinton’s Next Competition: Michael Phelps and the Olympics

With conventions over, the campaigns will need to be creative to break through with their messages in August. The conventions are over and Americans are preparing for final summer vacations and Olympic viewing parties, but the intensity of the presidential campaigns shows no signs of entering its traditional August slowdown.  The explosion of social-media traffic compared

Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch Don’t Have An ˜Optics’ Problem, They Have A Corruption Problem

David Harsanyi, The Federalist If Democrats don’t like the optics of the Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton meeting, they should ask the attorney general to recuse herself. Attorney General Loretta Lynch tells us that her meeting with Bill Clinton aboard a private jet on the Phoenix airport’s tarmac was “primarily social”—you know, just the two Democrats swapping stories about

Holder: Snowden did ‘public service,’ but should still be punished

Edward Snowden performed a “public service” in stoking a national debate about secret domestic surveillance programs, but he should still return to the U.S. to stand trial, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said in a podcast released on Monday. As a National Security Agency contractor, Snowden leaked classified details in 2013 of the U.S. government’s warrantless surveillance of