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Politics: What To Do If You’re Disillusioned With Election 2016

Abby McCloskey, If you are discouraged by 2016 and the direction of the country, here’s a challenge, which I offer to you as much as to me: To watch Fox News and MSNBC less. To roll our sleeves up more. The conventions are upon us and voter dissatisfaction is sky-high. New polling by Pew Research

No evidence Dallas cop killer connected to terror network, Homeland Secretary

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Sunday that the sniper who shot and killed five Dallas police officers Thursday acted alone and does not appear connected to a known terror group. “It was a single shooter, and we do not see any affiliation with a terror network like ISIS or Al Qaeda,” Johnson told “Fox

Dallas, Minnesota and Baton Rouge: If this is a war, then there will be no winners

Richard Pierce, My stepsister, who is white, texted me Thursday night from a demonstration in support of the men of color in her life, of whom I am one.  She was scared and felt helpless.  I had no words for her, or at least they seemed unsubstantial.  Friday morning, I awoke to the news of

Obama renews gun control push after ‘senseless’ Dallas murders

President Obama renewed his push for gun control measures Friday as he condemned the “senseless murders” of five Dallas police officers in a coordinated sniper attack overnight. The attack, which also injured at least seven, was carried out during an anti-police brutality protest. It was the nation’s deadliest day for law enforcement since 9/11. Obama,

Arizona Limit on Non-Surgical Abortion Allowed by Judge

 An Arizona law limiting women’s access to drug-induced abortions was allowed by a federal judge to take effect in a defeat to reproductive-rights activists fighting parts of a 2012 state overhaul of abortion regulations they have called the most extreme in the nation. U.S. District Judge David Bury in Tucson yesterday denied a request by