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New Yorker Editor David Remnick Throws Fit Over Trump’s Pro-Israel Ambassador Pick

Daniel Greenfield, Our country still faces many problems. And yet there’s something undeniably cheering about seeing the left gnash its teeth and shriek hatefully over things like this. “This” being Trump’s unique pick of a pro-Israel ambassador to Israel. This being David Remnick, the New  Yorker editor who is probably the second most loathsome figure

Liberal media types savage Trump, his supporters and the press for upset victory

Howard Kurtz, Things are getting ugly in the liberal precincts of the media. As the news business tries to grapple with the previously unthinkable—a Trump presidency—some of its left-wing practitioners are venting their rage, both at the country and at the press. Jamelle Bouie, an African-American and a top political writer for Slate, tweeted: “I