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Biden: Democrats Should Give Whoever Trump Nominates For SCOTUS A Vote

Matt Vespa,  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed to fight any Supreme Court nominee President-elect Trump selects who isn’t mainstream. In other words, if they’re not liberal, prepare for battle. As Democrats rally around this position, which I’m sure made their progressive base happy, outgoing Vice President Joe Biden told PBS’ Judy Woodruff last week that

Five Sure Signs That America Has Gone Mad

Michael Brown, If you needed proof that America has lost it corporate mind, here are 5 compelling examples. 1. In New York City, Cooper Union College has decided to remove all “gender markings” from its bathrooms. As reported by The Guardian, “Last fall, the oldest building on the Cooper Union campus underwent a sudden renovation.

Fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Families Want ‘A fresh set of eyes’

 Several families of those aboard Flight MH370 have launched a fund-raising drive to encourage an insider to come forward. Sarah Bajc, whose partner was on the flight, tells DW she believes information is being withheld. The fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has been shrouded in mystery ever since the passenger jet left Kuala Lumpur

Detox with diatomaceous earth to remove allergies, mercury, chemicals, GMOs, parasites

(NaturalNews)  Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a naturally occurring rock made from the skeletons of fossilized diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. When ground into a fine powder, diatomaceous earth works mechanically to destroy a wide range of pests, insects, parasites and pathogens by cutting through the exoskeleton, absorbing bodily fluids and causing them to die.