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New York City: Hub For The Deadly “Fentanyl” Drug Trade

Michael Cutler, “Sanctuary” policies attract foreign drug traffickers, fugitives and terrorists. The mission of the immigration elements of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is, in part, to protect America and Americans from aliens who pose a threat to national security and the safety and well-being of those who are in the United States. DHS is

Return White House Drug Czar to Cabinet

Robert Charles, Many critical issues tied to fundamental bureaucratic reform and redirection of federal policies await the Trump/Pence cabinet. But one cabinet pick, often forgotten and vital to redirecting national policy at a time of crisis, is the so-called “Drug Czar.”  Formally, this post is known as the White House Director of the Office of

Trump push to combat drug trade may mean starting with China, not Mexico

If President-elect Donald Trump wants to fulfill his campaign promise of stemming the flow of drugs coming across the United States’ border with Mexico, he may want to start by looking at China. Manufacturers and organized crime groups in the world’s most populous country are responsible for the majority of fentanyl — the synthetic opioid

Carfentanil: China’s Unregulated Narcotic a Chemical Weapon?

For a few thousand dollars, Chinese companies offer to export a powerful chemical that has been killing unsuspecting drug users and is so lethal that it presents a potential terrorism threat, an Associated Press investigation has found. The AP identified 12 Chinese businesses that said they would export the chemical — a synthetic opioid known

Another Deadly Opioid Overwhelms First Responders And Crime Labs in Ohio

Jamie Landrum has been a police officer for two years in District 3 on the west side of the Cincinnati. In late August, the city was hit by 174 overdoses in six days. Landrum says officers were scarce. “We were literally going from one heroin overdose, and then being on that one, and hearing someone

Mexican police discover 103-foot drug tunnel that ran from Mexico to Arizona

Mexican police inspecting drainage pipes uncovered a 103-foot tunnel running from Mexico to Nogales, Arizona. Authorities discovered the tunnel after noticing a difference in the surface of the drainage pipes leading from Mexico to the U.S., the National Commission for Security said Sunday. Once they noticed a change in texture, the statement said, police broke

Officials declare health emergency in Connecticut city after string of overdoses

Officials in a Connecticut city said Thursday they are experiencing a major public health crisis after more than 20 overdoes were reported, including two fatal cases. New Haven health officials told WTNH-TV that they activated the emergency notification system to warn residents about the tainted life-threatening heroin on the streets. According to the New Haven

˜Sneak & peek’ warrants allow police to secretly enter homes without notice

Police State USA  A little-known police tactic allows cops to covertly enter private residences, perform searches, seize property, and then leave quietly without notifying the homeowner. These searches, affectionately known as “sneak and peek” warrants, have been performed at a rapidly rising rate since 9/11.   Covert Tactics Sneak and Peek warrants in actuality a more