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Federal Court Strikes A Blow To The Second Amendment

Aaron Bandler, A federal court just hammered away at the Second Amendment with an asinine ruling with regard to waiting periods. The lawsuit, Silvester v. Harris, was filed over a California law that required a 10-day mandatory waiting period for a person to obtain a firearm even if they already passed a background check, have a concealed-carry permit and/or own

Nun Calls for Universities to Propagandize for Gun Control

AmmoLand – by Dean Weingarten Arizona – -( The President of a private Catholic university was interviewed by The Catholic News Service, which is *not* a part of the Catholic Church. It was published in  The Pilot, a paper that claims the title of “America’s Oldest Catholic Newspaper“.   The paper is owned by the Archdiocese of Boston.

Louisiana Right to Arms Amendment Combating the No One Wants to Ban Guns Lie


by Dean Weingarten  In Louisiana, a court case is headed to the Supreme Court, based on the right to keep and bear arms amendment that was overwhelmingly approved by voters last year. The case is one of those that people point at as showing the insanity of the law.  Rico Webb, a 22 year old man with no criminal