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Dear America

Trump Flanked by Nazi Symbols, Nuclear Mushroom Clouds on Phoenix Billboard

Jerome Hudson, Thanks to California artist Karen Fiorito, motorists driving on Phoenix’s Grand Avenue can see a massive billboard with nuclear mushroom cloud clown faces and dollar sign swastikas hovering over President Donald Trump. “I think a lot of people are feeling this way and I’m just trying to express what I think is on a lot

Dear America, the Developing Nations of the World Thank You

Vijay Jayaraj, Democrats, global mainstream media, celebrities, and even some in Republican circles, were totally shocked when Donald Trump emerged victorious in the presidential election. But there was one group of people who were even more upset—the radical environmentalists who invested millions on climate alarmism based global energy and developmental policies.   A Trump victory

An Open Letter To America: Let Our Bath Begin

Michael Anthony,  Dear America, At long last, our time of speculation about the next president and presidency is over. This election season served as a stark reminder that while we may be called the “United States,” we are, in fact, a very divided country. It’s time to heal and unite, but healing and unity are