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Books Are for Reading Not Just Banning Liberals

John Ransom Dcapetto wrote: Where does it say god given anything? Here is our constitution find me the passage that says god given. The Newest Liberal Criminal Assault The Right To Self Defense Dear Comrade Cap, Books are for reading, not just for burning. “Man … must necessarily be subject to the laws of his

Obama Picks on Someone His Own Size: Little Sisters of the Poor Catholic Nuns

John Ransom,  Cwontheweb wrote: HEY: Townhall dummies… this site is owned and operated by your natural enemies… and they try to keep you fighting over welfare for workers who cannot afford to live on the wages paid by offshoring gangsters… multi national thieves… and robber barons. OF course they defend Chase, Dimon, all the boys

John Kerry, Al Gore, Paul Krugman and Other Unreasonable Liberal Facsimiles

John Ransom, Jonsey wrote: John, Merry Christmas (God forbid, I should say Happy Holidays or Sarah P might have a heart attack). In your article, you forgot one thing: Paul Krugman won a Nobel prize for economics and you didn’t. He is one smart gentleman. Do have a glorious Christmas and may your heart be

Socialism is the “New” Middle Ages for Dummies


John Ransom,  Goldilocks wrote: The statement is quoted out of context. NY Times Musters Hillary Defense Of O’Care “What Difference Does It Make?” Dear Comrade Locks, Ok, so let me put it in context for you. Ambassador Chris Stevens, Tyrone S. Woods, Glen Anthony Doherty and Sean Smith died on or shortly after September 11th,