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Do Palestinian Arabs Want a Peaceful State Alongside Israel?

Morton A. Klein and Daniel Mandel, What consistent polling of Palestinians tells us. Discussion of the Arab/Israeli situation is often unilluminating because so much of it is based on groundless assumptions and stubborn fictions. Perhaps the most pervasive one today afflicting the international political class is the notion that Palestinian Arabs primarily desire a state

We can’t afford another ObamaCare mess — The Congressional Budget Office must go

Newt Gingrich, The Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of how the American Health Care Act will impact the economy and our insurance markets is simply absurd. I told Martha MacCallum on Fox News Channel the other night that the CBO should be abolished and replaced by three to five outside professional firms that better understand the

Does Abortion Really Prevent Child Abuse?

Mike Adams, I hear a lot of calloused arguments in favor of abortion. Most of them come from leftists. Unfortunately, I occasionally hear them coming from self-described libertarians and conservatives. Unlike leftists who are wrong on every issue, the person claiming to be conservative or libertarian is usually right on most issues. So it is

A “Trumpian” approach to balancing the budget #MAGA

Newt Gingrich, Author’s note: The following is adapted from my January 16th speech at the Heritage Foundation, which can be viewed in full here. As a candidate, Donald Trump repeatedly stated that balancing the budget would be a goal of his administration. Many so-called experts have dismissed the idea that he can actually achieve this