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Ben Garrison: Trump Drains Deep State Swamp

Infowars, Trump takes on DC swamp creatures threatening Deep State overthrow. Ben Garrison strikes back at the Deep State coup against Trump in his latest cartoon depicting the massive DC swamp.   #IHaveBeenThinkingAnd it’s time for a NEW #BENGARRISON #Cartoon #DrainTheDeepState #DraintheSwamp #MAGAMARCH more at — BenGarrison Cartoons (@GrrrGraphics) March 26, 2017

There’s ‘No Question’ Deep State at Work in Government

“I don’t think it should come as any surprise there are people that burrowed into government.” Friday at the White House press briefing, when asked if there is a “deep state” of government employees possibly loyal to the Obama administration’s agenda, press secretary Sean Spicer said, “I think that there’s no question when you have

The Donald Vs. The ‘Deep State’ #PresidentTrump

Ilana Mercer, President Trump has credibly accused Obama of wire-tapping the Trump Tower phones during the 2016 campaign. Whether the tapping of Trump Tower phones can be traced to Obama; whether it’s true or false—consider the counter-accusations floated by President Donald Trump about Barack Obama as part of a strategy. The president is in survival

What The ‘Deep State’ Is Doing To Trump Is ‘A Prescription For Destroying Democracy’

Matt Vespa, The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald is no conservative, but he’s also not someone to give fellow liberals and progressives a pass over their actions that he feels threatens democracy and transparency in government. For starters, he found it interesting that liberals all of a sudden think that leaks are awesome since they’re making it

The Deep State Saga Continues — the Battle Between Donald Trump and John McCain

Virgil, The feud between President Donald Trump and Senator John McCain is heating up.  The protagonists on both sides of this fight are intense and determined, and yet if we dig beneath the personalities, we can see an even deeper conflict—an ultimate conflict of visions.  And that clash of worldviews, in turn, is full of

Flynn Was Only the First casualty for the Trump administration

Obama’s Stasi Begins Soft Coup With Flynn’s Political Assassination. With leaks designed to destroy the credibility of key members of the Trump administration and the ultimate goal that Trump “will die in jail”, the “Deep State”, the rogue intelligence community, has seceded from the republic, declared civil war and asserted its sovereignty. The CIA used

The Deep State Bumps Off General Flynn. Who’s the Next Target?

Virgil, I. The Main Stream Media’s Victory Lap  The Deep State has done its dirty work, getting rid of Michael Flynn, the now-former national security adviser to President Trump.  And so the MSM, having taken direction—even dictation—from the Deep State, is moving in for the kill.  The ultimate target, of course, is Trump himself.   The