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Deepwater Horizon

United Nations Assets Will Be Deployed in USA To Resolve œInternational Crisis On Border

SHTF Plan SHTFplan Editor’s Note: What you’re about to read by Dave Hodges is a chilling analysis of the events currently playing out on the southern border of the United States of America. Several weeks after the White House feigned surprise over the flood of tens of thousands of unaccompanied alien children crossing into the U.S. it was

Fourth Anniversary of Gulf Oil Spill: Wildlife Is Still Suffering from Toxic Cover Up

Washington’s Blog  As we noted at the time, and on the first (and here), second and third anniversaries of BP’s Gulf oil spill, BP and the government made the spill much worse by dumping toxic dispersant in the water in an attempt to to sink – and so temporarily hide – the oil. In addition, adding dispersant makes oil 52 times more toxic than it would normally