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House blocks Pentagon bid to curb pay raises, retire weapons

 The House Armed Services Committee approved a policy bill on Thursday that authorized a $496 billion Pentagon base budget for next year but rejected many of the department’s attempts to cut spending, including on arms programs and military pay increases. Lawmakers on the Republican-dominated panel voted unanimously to send the measure to the full House

Spying the Open Skies of America

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton  For those of you out there that thought there was any truth to Obama opposing Putin in Russia, you might want to rethink that and fast. He’s proving just how flexible he really is these days. There is a fight within the Administration, with one side supporting surveillance flights from Russia over American

Thai Satellite Spots 300 Objects in Search Zone for Plane

 Thai satellite images of more than 300 objects in the south Indian Ocean produced another lead in the hunt for Malaysian Air Flight 370, with Japanese spacecraft also locating items as bad weather halted an airborne search. The Thai photos from March 24 show objects spanning 2 meters to 15 meters floating about 2,700 kilometers

Sailors Try to Retrieve Objects Seen in Hunt for Malaysian Plane

An Australian naval ship hunting for the missing Malaysian jet sought to retrieve objects spotted by plane in the southern Indian Ocean as the scheduling of a late-night press conference by Malaysia’s prime minister raised optimism that the two-week search has yielded first results. An Australian Air Force P3 Orion saw a gray or green

Plane Search Revived by Chinese Image of Drifting Object

A Chinese satellite detected an object in the southern Indian Ocean that’s almost the width of an Olympic-size swimming pool, giving fresh impetus to the hunt for the Malaysian airliner that disappeared two weeks ago. The image, taken on March 18, shows an object measuring 22 meters (72-feet) by 13 meters, according to a statement

DARPA announces scary new web search tool for law enforcement called “Memex

Ground Report – by Robert Tilford  Move rover George Orwell – the Defense Advanced Research (DARPA) announced recently its new “deep web” search program for police and law enforcement called:  “Memex” which will be able to search the far corners of internet content that is unattainable by modern, mainstream search engines, offering DARPA“technological superiority in the area

Obama Endorses Cameras Inside Public Bathrooms?

By Christopher Eutaw, On January 17, President Obama delivered a speech in which he outlined future changes to the National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance programs. The president spent a lot of time discussing transparency and accountability. He even said that “for our intelligence community to be effective over the long haul, we must maintain the

Why the Pentagon’s many campaigns to clean up its accounts are failing

Time and again, programs to modernize Defense Department record-keeping have fallen prey to bureaucratic rivalry, resistance to change and a lack of consequences for failure. ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – The U.S. Air Force had great expectations for the Expeditionary Combat Support System when it launched the project in 2005. This accountants’ silver bullet, the Air Force