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Russia examines all possible reasons for Black Sea jet crash

Backed by ships, helicopters and drones, Russian rescue teams searched Sunday for victims after a Russian plane carrying 92 people to Syria crashed into the Black Sea shortly after takeoff. Investigators said they were looking into every possible cause for the crash, including a terror attack. All 84 passengers and eight crew members on the

Why is Obama Threatening Russia With World War 3 Right Before The Election?

Michael Snyder Economic Collapse, The CIA has already begun opening cyber doors, selecting targets and making other preparations for an operation. It sure seems like an odd time to be provoking a war with Russia.  As I write this, we stand just a little bit more than three weeks away from one of the most

Russia defends Su-27’s interception of US spy plane over Baltic Sea

The Russian Defense Ministry Saturday defended a Su-27’s barrel roll over a U.S. spy plane in the Baltic Sea, saying the American jet had turned off its transponder and it wasn’t identifiable. A senior U.S. defense official told Fox News Friday that the Russian fighter jet flew within 100 feet of the U.S. RC-135 surveillance

Nigerian defense chief says abducted girls located

 Nigeria’s military has located nearly 300 school girls abducted by Islamic extremists but fears using force to try to free them could get them killed, the country’s chief of defense said Monday. Air Marshal Alex Badeh told demonstrators supporting the much criticized military that Nigerian troops can save the girls. But he added, “we can’t

Election under threat in eastern Ukraine

 Pro-Russian insurgents have prevented at least half of the election districts in the embattled east of the country to prepare for Sunday’s presidential election, a Ukrainian official says. Volodymyr Hrinyak, chief of the public security department at the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, said Saturday that 17 out of 34 district election commissions in the Donetsk and

Putin Embraces Conservatism With Cursing Ban in Movies, Theater

President Vladimir Putin, cast in Russia as a defender of conservative values, is imposing a ban on swearing in Russian movies, music and books, seeking to suppress a form of profanity-laden slang known as “mat.” Putin yesterday signed a law introducing fines of up to 2,500 rubles ($70) for individuals and $1,400 for organizations for

Dozens Killed in Ukraine Fire as Clashes Erupt in Odessa

 Dozens were killed in Ukraine after a building in Odessa was set ablaze during clashes and government forces attacked separatists near the Russian border in one of the deadliest days since the Ukrainian conflict erupted. The violence reached Odessa, where the government of Ukraine’s third-largest city said more than 40 people died and 174 were

South Korea: North Korea conducts live-fire drills

 North Korea conducted live-fire artillery drills Tuesday near the countries’ disputed western sea boundary, South Korean military officials said, in a possible indication of rising frustration in Pyongyang as it unsuccessfully pushes for outside aid. Both Koreas regularly conduct routine artillery drills near South Korean islands and the North Korean mainland in the Yellow Sea.

Ukraine official says he fears Russian invasion

UNITED NATIONS,   Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister says he fears an immanent Russian invasion. Danylo Lubkivsky told reporters at the United Nations on Friday: “We have the information we are in danger.” He spoke as an official in Ukraine confirmed that pro-Russian forces had detained a team of military observers with the Organization for Security and

Those who don’t lay arms, will be destroyed Ukrainian military op commander

A Ukrainian general leading the operation against protesters in the east of the country has warned that activists who refuse to lay down their arms will be “destroyed.” “They must be warned that if they do not lay down their arms, they will be destroyed,” General Vasily Krutov, first deputy head of the Ukrainian Security Service