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Controversial Dem operative ‘close’ to Clinton campaign boss, email claims

A Democratic operative who bragged about getting orders from Hillary Clinton to execute a bizarre stunt aimed at Donald Trump and was linked to a covert operation to incite the Republican presidential nominee’s supporters was “close” to Clinton’s campaign manager, according to an email released Sunday by WikiLeaks – despite the campaign’s denial of any

Election Law Violation Was Hillary’s Idea

Matthew Vadum, Orders to use Donald Duck to foment violence at Trump rallies came straight from the top. Democrat Hillary Clinton personally authorized illegal dirty tricks operations against Republican Donald Trump’s campaign, according to top Democrats appearing in undercover video. In the third Hillary-related video released by ACORN slayer James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas

Democrats Could Be Prosecuted for Trump Rally Violence

Edmund Kozak, Criminal defense attorney says both DNC and Clinton campaign guilty of ‘numerous’ crimes. Undercover videos, released this week by conservative activist group Project Veritas, show Democratic operatives conspiring to incite violence at Trump rallies — and may be enough to warrant a federal investigation. Hillary Clinton has already faced one FBI investigation for her

White House, Clinton camp under fire for alleged link to rogue operatives

The Obama administration and the Clinton campaign were under mounting pressure Thursday, following the release of damning undercover video showing Democratic operatives – one of whom was a frequent visitor to the White House – discussing plots to commit voter fraud and incite violence at Republican rallies. The undercover “Rigging the Election” videos, produced by

Sting Exposes ‘Bird-Dogging’ — Democrats’ Effort to Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart Democrats have used trained provocateurs to instigate violence at Republican events nationwide throughout the 2016 election cycle, including at several Donald Trump rallies, using a tactic called “bird-dogging,” according to a new video investigation released Monday by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas. The goal of “bird-dogging”: to create a sense of “anarchy”

Video: Paid Hillary Operatives Inciting Violence at Trump Rallies

Kit Daniels, Undercover video supported by Wikileaks email exposing campaign’s involvement. This video, released by Project Veritas, reveals the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) are involved in this tactic, called “bird dogging,” and rely on a network of Democratic consultants to oversee the operation – and to give Hillary plausible deniability